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Beachub Koh Phangan

Thailand 🇹🇭  ·            ✉️

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This is my second home. Love to stay here with dogs, beachfront and coworking. Even rooms are small but cool!
Complete rip off. Way more expensive that any other cowork space around and way worse servcie, dirty and badly run. Id highly recommend not wasting or time here, Kpg has so many better and more.cost effective options.
Coworking space on the beach - sounds great in theory right. In practice, this is the worst coworking space i have ever been to for 2 main reason 1. it is an absolute rip off : 500 baht per day is double or triple the price of other coworking spaces all over thailand including others in prime beacj spots in koh phangan. and 2. ok if you are going to charge 500 baht per day - make sure the service is unbeleivably good and the place is immactualte with all the trimmings. The place is poorly run, badly staffed, dirty, nothing special provided and fairly run down. I cannot stress how bad this place is, have worked form cowork spaces all over the country and in koh phangan and this place is so terrible. Its a pretty easy fix (bring the price down to 200 baht per day & bring the servcie level, maintenance and overal run it better ) - and it would be excellent. In the current state its rubbish, avoid it at all costs
Excellent place to work from !
Amazing view, decent wifi, but that's about where the benefits stop. Struggled signing up, guy behind counter couldn't understand that I already existed in system and wasn't new so that took a few goes. Rusted chairs that are all stiffened up. Desks that are half falling apart. They trimmed a tree while I was there, and that seemed about all the work that's been done recently. Nothing seems changed since I was there 8ish months ago. Internet worked the majority of the time, with a few random crashes now and then. Not really a place that feels safe to leave anything around too, constant people walking through going from beach to beach. Expensive, not great value, but it's a place to sit and get stuff done..

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