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Flamingo Santa Marta

Colombia 🇨🇴  ·      ✉️

 small 🏬 town 👩‍💻 workations 🍃 terrace ⌨️ multiple workspaces 🍽 meals 🌡 tropical 🚪‍ private ensuite from €430/fortnight €740/month 👯‍♂️‍ shared 8-bunk dorm from €90/fortnight €205/month

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I was robbed of $150 American dollars from a safe inside a private room I Believe by a staff member. Originally I gave them five stars as I did have a good time there. I reported this to them after I noticed this a few days after I left. They said they'd get back to me tomorrow that was over a month ago. Zero Stars do not trust the staff! They went into my room with a key once which I thought was weird when I realized the money was missing a few days later I understood why it happened. If you have any cash with you don't stay there they will steal it. I really liked the place and I wanted to give them every chance to correct it but they simply didn't do it. If they respond to this I will edit and update this but they took my five-star experience and turned it into a zero. You expect security when you have a private room this place will try to rob you. It happened to me.
Great hostel and co-working space. Lots of professionals working here in the morning. The hostel itself is new so more empty and i liked that. It is a sister hotel to La Brisa Loca, so it has everything that La Brisa offers and more.
I was less than impressed with this co working. Was really happy to see they decided to open a location in Santa Marta.. The design is definitely well thought out, very colorful and vibrant. The entrance is through a different hostel, you have to climb a couple of flights of stairs and go through the bar to get to the co working. The prices aren’t cheap. The space is open so hot, humid and noisy. And bottom line- the internet is not good. I had to go on my hotspot to finish my calls that lost connection in the middle. I had to go all the way down to reception to ask for help with the internet, and was just told they are trying to see what the problem is. Never got back to me, or apologized, or refunded the day. Was really upset with the level of service. I got a sandwich at the bar, which was pretty good, but than the place’s cat decided to sit on my table while I ate, which I really didn’t like. This cat is also the reason I was told I can’t bring my dog to the space.. But apparently cat hair in the food is ok. So bottom line- disappointing. I hope they do better in the future, especially when it comes to customer service.
Worked at the Flamingo Coworking space for a month. I also spent a night there as well before I flew home and it was awesome! The color scheme, paintings, staff and rooftop patio were inviting and vibrant! I was able to comfortably get a lot of work done at my nice A/C desk space. Being right in the heart of Santa Marta I was able to walk and check out different restaurants on my lunch breaks. They are also attached to La Brisa Loca that you get free access to. It was a lot of fun on Friday and Saturday nights with the live DJ on the rooftop. Ricky the manager of the space went above and beyond to make my Santa Marta experience a fun and authentic one. He had lots of great recommendations for what to do and where to eat. I already miss Santa Marta and I highly recommend taking advantage of this cool spot!
Had a wonderful time at flamingo co-working. It's extremely well ran, the internet is better than our office in California and the people working there are extremely helpful and friendly. Also a very positive social atmosphere and tones of things to do around Santa Marta. I also got Spanish lessons from Paola Yepes, she was an excellent teacher, very patient and knowledgeable. Starting from nothing, I took 3 hours a week for 6 weeks and now have a decent level of Spanish. She's also a wonderful person, very welcoming and a great source of knowledge when it comes to the local culture. She also went out of her way to do interactive classes that mixed things like cooking and Spanish.

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