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Noma Collective Umaya

near Placencia, Belize 🇧🇿  ·            ✉️

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Had a great time with Noma! They really care about their customers which is important for me. They were very well organised and it was well worth the money. Highly recommended.
Noma Collective is the best remote work experience I have ever had. Your work days consist of beachside conference calls, quick dips in the pool for breaks, and feeling the cooling breeze while you complete tasks under a palapa. When you aren't working the community is amazing and there are always plenty of excursions (planned for you) so you can experience the beauty of your host country. I can't say enough about Noma Collective and the program they offer to digital nomads. Book it now!
Noma Collective offered one of the most enriching experiences I've ever had. The sales and marketing truly live up to the hype. The balance between work and play could not resonate harder with my vibe. Weekend excursions included trips to a natural spa like waterfall, a traditional cacao making tutorial, scuba diving with nurse sharks, historical Mayan Ruins that have better views than Chicken Itza, and an ATM cave tour that would blow your mind with the beauty of an otherworldly moonlike sanctuary. This family of friends genuinely cares about the happiness of their community and foster an inclusive environment to the point in which people extend their trips, never want to leave, or inspire those like me to give up their place of residence and embrace the digital nomad lifestyle.
Was originally only going to be here 4 weeks but extended to 5 because I just loved it that much! The staff is super welcoming and plan all these fun excursions for us. The other Umayans are now friends for life. Could not ask for a more beautiful place to work and play!
Considering Umaya? Do it. I've been here for about a month and LOVE it. There is so much to take advantage of. Great people, amazing adventures, and the staff is so kind and helpful. The team really goes out of their way to make sure you're having a great time and that you have everything you need so that you are just as productive here as you would be at home. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a comfortable place to work, meet awesome people and explore the jungles, caves and coral reefs of Belize.

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