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 medium mountains🏬 town🧙 magical community⌨️ ergonomic coworking🚕 pickup🚌 transit📶 fibre⌨️ multiple workspaces🛁 ensuites👫 couples👯 teams🚵‍♀️ mtb🚶‍♂️ hiking skiing🚪 studios🍃 terrace
🧲 hub as future project 🧮 coownership pledges being taken to complete a hotel shell as a 50-studio coliving hub; heavily discounted off-season use for investors; see proposal 🚪‍ private from €260/week €475/month 🏘 dispersed accommodation at nearby guesthouses/hotels 📈 investment 5% yield for 20 years then 13%; enquiry form
The Lounge This is like our living room. You can chill, work, talk to others and listen to music. You can find any cosy corner for yourself and enjoy it ☺️
Trying some digital games tonight
Great new game: Night of the Living Death #zombicide
Well done 😃⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #nomadgirl #nomadworkspace #femaledigitalnomads #colivingspaces #coworkingwoman #digitalnomadlife #digitalnomads #freelancers #coworkingbansko #workanywhere #nomadlifestyle #remoteworking #whereIwork #coworkingspace #nomadstories #nomadic #travelbulgaria #bulgariatravel #digitalnomadkit #nomad
from We have a tasty weekly potluck bbq at Coworking Bansko through the summer (we just ignore all the grilled meat 😂 , usually bring a big hefty salad or two and go for the grilled veggies). This week me and @roderickhodgson started to experiment properly in our kitchen at our new flat and made Vegan Mac&Cheese! 😋 Macaroni pasta covered with: coconut milk, flour and dairy-free margarine mixed with nutritional yeast flakes, garlic, onions, paprika, salt, ground black pepper, dairy-free margarine, mustard, veggie stock, all baked in the oven topped with bread crumbs. Can’t wait to do some more experimental cooking in our #Banskovegankitchen! 😄 #banskovegankitchen #veganrecipes #veganpotluck #veganmacandcheese #anythingyoucandoicandovegan
from @seniornomad It’s the last day of the #BanskoNomadFest🗣 and it has been a great week. Even for me as an #introvert, meeting a lot of amazing people has been the best part😊 #SeniorNomad🚶🏽‍♂️ #Bansko #Bulgaria🇧🇬
from @seniornomad On the 3rd day of #NomadFestBansko here in #Bansko #Bulgaria🇧🇬 cofounder of #CoworkingBansko Austrian Uwe Allgäuer told about the joys of living in Bulgaria (especially Bansko) and about the good business opportunities in the country. I love the place and community, too, although the Greek islands and the salty Mediterranean remain closer to my heart. Nevertheless, Bansko has become one of my #nomadoasis. It’s not a beach town, but clear mountain water is seen, felled and heard everywhere, running through the town and served from taps. And if you like #WimHof style cold showers as I do, there is no better place to have them 🥶 along with mineral #hotsprings 🥵 #SeniorNomad🚶🏽‍♂️
from @seniornomad On the 2nd day of the #BanskoNomadFest in #Bansko #Bulgaria, Australian Terry Kyle from made a special impression on me 🐕‍🦺 He runs a #webhosting company (WPX Hosting) and also a #cagefree #dogsanctuary with some 500 dogs in Sofia. With him on stage were his Bulgarian wife and three wonderful former #streetdogs. His talk or perhaps stand up show was named: How To Make A Positive Impact As An Entrepreneur And Philanthropist 💚 #SeniorNomad🚶🏽‍♂️

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· A very nice and friendly place with great people in the heart of Bansko!
· Coworking Bansko is the reason Bansko has become a digital nomad hotspot. It is so successful that other coworkings opened up in Bansko - but coworking Bansko’s curated community is unique in the world.
· 4 lovely spaces to work from. Helpful, friendly staff. Over 100 active members and simply the best community in Bansko
· Nice coworking space and amazing community
· One of the best co-working & community in the world. You come for 2 weeks and stay for 6 month. Why? Because the environment in this little town (which is so close to nature) and the Coworking is something you can't find anywhere. Fast internet, cheap accommodation and living plus really awesome people makes this place a haven for digital nomads or traveler's who can work location independent. Besides that you can do different activities like hiking in the Pirin Mountains and mountain biking, snowboarding / skiing or just soak and relax in one of the hotsprings. If you want to have a great time Coworking Bansko is the place to be. 😀👍

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