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Our 20th floor pool and spa is one of the most popular spots at The Collective Canary Wharf. Be that for lengths in the pool, a luxurious sauna or a quick dip (and shoot) in the jacuzzi. Pic by: @aman.dhamii
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Happy Earth day to everyone! Here at The collective our founder Farmer Femi held a coffee morning with the residents - Simple | Superior | Single Ingredient - #moringamorning #moringatea #moringapowder #morningmotivation #detox #health #wealth @thecollective_living

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· This place is just perfect. The interior design is impressive with immaculate attention to details. The concept is new, refreshing and vibrant. It was a smooth move in, Danielle was very helpful and answered all the questions I had. Samuel guided me through the rest of the process and explained all the amazing events they have on. I’ve been here for a month now and everything is just perfect.
· Having been here at the collective for 6 months already my partner and I couldn’t help but extend our contract for another 12 months! We’ve felt at home since the minute we arrived due to the warm hospitality from all the staff and members here. Gaven in particular from the sales team has really made the entire process a breeze for us regarding the admin side of things both when initially joining and when extending our contract. With restrictions being lifted over the next few weeks and all the amazing amenities in the building becoming more readily available, we can’t help but look forward to another year here at the collective Canary Wharf!
· My stay at the Collective has been amazing and it’s perfect for me. I have met friends for life and tried so many new things thanks to the events team. The Collective offers safe, independent living without the stress of bills, and with access to beautiful shared spaces and facilities. I cannot find anything similar in London for this price. I have seen Ken, Gaven, Danielle and many others make a special effort to improve member experiences, with a special mention to the new ambassadors team - everything they have done has been fab!
· I am one of the long term residents. If you one a private prison experience where you serve time and pay a premium for it look no further! This is a reasonable property managed by people who know best but don't know how. They always have an excuse for the lack of promised services doubled with fees that are illegal elsewhere. when signing up you will be asked to pay a membership fee which in it self is an admin fee Only sign up if you have no other option
· A 'modern village' style space and area. Useful for workspaces and events. Surprisingly no outdoor spaces, small studio spaces, too expensive for the size and total room offering, including location. Great staff - especially Gaven who showed us around - overall a nice place to stay in East London. Thank you.

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