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I'm looking to stay in a room

Sunago  ℹ︎

 ⤚Ericeira, Portugal XS🏡village🏖coast🏄surf👩‍💻workations📶🎦⌨️workroom🌷 from €650 ensuite (low season)

Seminyak Living Hub  ℹ︎

 ⤚Kuta, Bali, Indonesia S🏬town🧲hub⌨️coworking🌷garden📶⌨️desk🏖 from €230 ensuites

Lokal  ℹ︎

 ⤚Tblisi, Georgia S🧲hub📶⌨️coworking🏙city🌷garden👩‍💻workations⌨️ from €550 ensuite

Indie  ℹ︎

 ⤚Medellin, Colombia L🏙city⌨️coworking🚪studios🏋️gym🍃 from €440 studio

Evolve  ℹ︎

 ⤚San Gwann, Malta M🏬town🏝island🏊pool🏖coast🍃courtyard🛁 from €495

KoHub  ℹ︎

 ⤚Ko Lanta, Thailand S🏝island🏡village📶🏘dispersed🎦⌨️workspaces🧲hub🏖 from €425

Ghoomakad  ℹ︎

 ⤚near Dharamshala, India S🏡village⚛️purposeful🧬impact🧲hub⌨️coworking📶🍽 from €150

Biliq  ℹ︎

 ⤚Kuta, Bali, Indonesia S🏘dispersed🏬town👩‍💻workations🏖coast🛁ensuites🧺 from €400 ensuite

Sende  ℹ︎

 ⤚near Ourense, Spain S🧬impact🧲hub📅seasonal🍽meals🤝association🌷 from €560 single

Ruralco  ℹ︎

 ⤚near Valencia, Spain S🏕isolated⌨️workroom👩‍💻workations🛁ensuites🌤mild🍽 from €450 double ensuite

Playworking  ℹ︎

 ⤚near Tivat, Montenegro S📶⌨️workroom👩‍💻workations🧘yoga🏄‍♀️sup🥬veg-friendly🛁 from €550 ensuite (mid-season)

Evolve  ℹ︎

 ⤚Sliema, Malta M🏬town🏝island🏊pool🏖coast🍃courtyard🌤 from €495

Musicasa  ℹ︎

 ⤚La Palma, Canary Islands XS🏝island🏡village📶🏖coast👩‍💻workations🍃terrace🏖 from €560 standard single

The NYX  ℹ︎

 ⤚Bali, Indonesia M🏝island⚛️purposeful🍽meals🍃terrace🌷garden👩‍💻 from €350 ensuite double

U-Co  ℹ︎

 ⤚Mexico City, Mexico S🏙city🛁ensuites📶🧺 from €630

NomadGao  ℹ︎

 ⤚Goa, India S🏡village🏖beach⌨️coworking📶🍽meals🌡tropical🏖 from €260

Novovento  ℹ︎

 ⤚Azores islands, Portugal XS🏝island👩‍💻workations🚺 from €745 single (mid-season)

Outpost  ℹ︎

 ⤚Phnom Penh, Cambodia M🏙city📶⌨️coworking🛁ensuites🧺housekeeping🚌 from €430; currently closed whilst relocating

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