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Nomadism… with kids! At Punta la Barca we've seen a rise in slow travellers with kids. It’s beautiful to see how each family figures out the challenges of location independent work, kids' care and education and finding community on the road. We've started renovating Juana's house to welcome, know and share life with more nomadic families. During this quiet point, we've decided to focus the first three months of 2021 on nomad families. To meet each other, inspire, live together, eat, cook, work, play, discover! See how we can make co-working for parents easier. Very excited to try this out!! We're three families already in January-March (kids ages 3-5-5-8-11). There’s space for three more families. Who's joining? ATTENTION ALL NOMADS CONSIDERING COMING TO PUNTA LA BARCA IN EARLY 2021 :) January-March: nomads with kid(s) April-June: nomads without kids. Our reason for this: kids want kids around. Travellers without kids want travellers without kids around. This is NOT a rule: you're still always welcome with us at any time. Just realise there will be nomadic kids living with you when you come as a solo nomad in January. And when you come as a nomad family in June, realise there's not gonna be a lot of kids around. If you're curious to our idea for the rest of the year 2021, shoot us a message :) Meet this little beautiful monkey! It's painted from the wrist by Kelly AKA Universo. She's only 20-years-old but so mature - something that often surprises me about travellers. She's Colombian and travels making her living by painting and volunteering. When she left Colombia to Ecuador a year ago, she told her family she went for a week of travel 🤔, and kept extending week by week untill.. basically now as she's just gone back home. She had to pass the Colombian border by crossing the river to be able to join back her family, as the land border is still closed. It was a pleasure meeting you, your monkey will watch over us and all nomads joining in the coming years ❤👋" Did you hear about couchsurfing, the app where people open their house for travelers? They're having issues and might have to stop... It would be a pitty, such a great concept! I'd totally love to just open up our house to all travelers. Connect, learn, share... That's simply what it's all about for us. Also, when I'm travelling, I don't want to feel a stranger - I want to belong. When I stay somewhere, I don't want a servant to clean my spilled coffee - I want to feel at home. It's a balance that's hard to find. Couchsurfing did a good job. We try as well, though we haven't found out yet how to get our bills paid if we really let everyone stay for free 🙃
a year ago · I stayed for two weeks and liked it a lot. The shower is very warm. The view is amazing, you really can see the Wales there. I was even lucky enough to see some dolphins. Even though it was in August (cloudy season) I had around 4 to 5 sunny days per week. I can recommend it and would come again.
a year ago · This place is awesome. It is right on the beach, while I was here I saw whales almost everyday, the internet is great, and Inge and Juan are awesome. I really can’t recommend this place enough. It is the perfect place to relax. The town is a bit small but it has the basics. Also you can take kite surfing lessons and you aren’t too far from two national parks. I had an amazing time.
8 months ago · It is a very nice hostel, nice and helpfully stuff. I felt very welcome! a quite beach and peacful place without many tourrists. Unfortunutly the room where we slept wasnt very clean tho.. some animals feces felt at our bed at night,two times.. there wasnt a mosquito protection :/
a year ago · What an amazing week with Inga, Juan and there two little boys. This is more like staying with a big family of guests and friends all eating together and playing volleyball most nights. If you are after a cheap and cheerful hostel with some private rooms and dorms + good WiFi and kitchen facilities - this place is a must. If you normally stay in fancy hotels and guesthouses and have higher expectations than we do - do not choose Punta La Barca. Look at the pictures and the Facebook group for it and see if it is your kind of travel experience.
2 years ago · Nice place with a nice vibe run by cool owners. It's a hostel but camping is also possible. WiFi is available and kitchen to make own food. Great views over the ocean.

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