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These feel like a family home with friends-of-friends dropping through for a bit of dynamism with deeper connection. Usually with a little workspace for workations and a great living room in homes. (5–10 bedrooms.)

I'm looking to stay in a room

KoHub  ℹ︎

 ⤚Ko Lanta, Thailand 🗺island 🏡village 📶 🏘dispersed 🎦 ⌨️workspaces 🧲hub from €425

Outsite  ℹ︎

 ⤚Manhattan, NYC 🏙city ⌨️desks 🧺housekeeping from €1990

SunDesk  ℹ︎

 ⤚Taghazout, Morocco 🏡village 📶 🎦 ⌨️coworking 🍃terrace 🏖coast 👩‍💻workations from €720 single

Sun and Co  ℹ︎

 ⤚costa blanca, Spain 🏬town 🏖coast 📶 ⌨️workroom ⚛️purposeful 🍃courtyard 🚌transit from €1200

Nine  ℹ︎

 ⤚Tenerife, Canary Islands 🏬town 🏖coast 🗺island 🎦 ⌨️workroom 👩‍💻workations 🧘yoga from €890 single

Anceu  ℹ︎

 ⤚north-west Spain 🌲rural 📶 👩‍💻workations 🌌isolated 🌷garden from €840

Flamingo  ℹ︎

 ⤚Santa Marta, Colombia 🏬town 👩‍💻workations 🍃terrace ⌨️workspaces 🍽meals 🌡tropical from €900 ensuite

Sende  ℹ︎

 ⤚north-west Spain 🌲rural 🧬impact 🍽meals 🤝association 🌷garden ⌨️coworking from €560 single; winter is teams only

RePeople  ℹ︎

 ⤚Gran Canaria, Spain 🏘dispersed 🏬town 🗺island 🏖coast 📶 ⌨️workroom 🛁ensuites from €840; several properties, access to coworking space a short walk away; small supplement for double occupancy

SameSame  ℹ︎

 ⤚Lisbon 🏙city 📶 🚪studios 🛁ensuites from €800

Outsite  ℹ︎

 ⤚Williamsburg, NYC 🏙city ⌨️desks 🧺housekeeping 🚲bikes from €1990

Lokal  ℹ︎

 ⤚Tblisi, Georgia 🧲hub 📶 ⌨️coworking 🏙city 🌷garden 👩‍💻workations ⌨️desks from €550 ensuite

StokeWorks  ℹ︎

 ⤚Algarve, Portugal 🏖coast 👩‍💻workations 🏄surf from €

Coliving Provence  ℹ︎

 ⤚France 🌌isolated 👩‍💻workations 🧹volunteering 🌷garden 🚕pickup 🍽meals 🌤mild from €1110; Apr–Nov, and on request

Swiss Escape  ℹ︎

 ⤚the Alps, Switzerland 🏡village mountains 📶 👩‍💻workations 🚌transit 🚵‍♀️mtb 🚶‍♂️hikes from €1600 single (summer); 2 chalets

Angkor Hub  ℹ︎

 ⤚Siem Reap, Cambodia 🏬town 🧲hub 📶 🎦 👩‍💻workations ⌨️coworking 🌷garden from €760

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