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—discover coliving— 🧹 work exchange and volunteering spaces

These coliving spaces offer accommodation or reductions in return for your help with running and maintaining them. There's only very limited opportunities though!

I'm looking to stay in a room

PodShare  ℹ︎

 ⤚Hollywood, CA⟶ M 🏙city 🧲hub 🚌transit from €

PodShare  ℹ︎

 ⤚downtown Los Angeles, CA⟶ M 🏙city 🧲hub 🚌transit from €

Nine  ℹ︎

 ⤚Tenerife, Canary Islands⟶ S 🏬town 🏖coast 🗺island 🎦 ⌨️workroom 👩‍💻workations from €890 single

PodShare  ℹ︎

 ⤚San Francisco, CA⟶ M 🏙city 🚌transit from €

Coconat  ℹ︎

 ⤚outside Berlin, Germany⟶ M 🌲rural ⚛️purposeful 📶 ⌨️workspaces ⛲️big-garden 👩‍💻workations from €1200; free stay for 20h/week

Coliving Provence  ℹ︎

 ⤚France⟶ S 🌌isolated 👩‍💻workations 🌷garden 🚕pickup 🍽meals 🌤mild from €1110; -65% for one week's help in a month

PodShare  ℹ︎

 ⤚San Diego, CA⟶ M 🏙city 🚌transit from €

🚧We're currently compiling spaces. Please tell us if you've feedback. Add a space

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