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I'm looking to stay in that's

The Collective

 ⤚London, United Kingdom XL🏙city🏋️gym📶⌨️workspaces🧺housekeeping🛎concierge🚪studios from €min 90 days in ensuite


 ⤚Australia XL🧲hub🍹regular🏊pool🌷garden🍽meals🏋️gym from €395


 ⤚France XL🧲hub⌨️coworking🚪studios🍽meals🍿movies🌷garden from €490


 ⤚Algarve, Portugal XS🧐curated👩‍💻workations🌤mild🤔workroom⌨️desk🖥️monitors from €620 in (Oct–Apr); 5mins bike into small town

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