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I have live here for over a year now and I will guarantee you that you will not find a better place than this one in the area and for the price, also keep in mind that this place is a do it yourself place, this is not a hotel, is a house, your house while you stay, therefore you must treat the house with care and some ownership. Nobody is going to pick up after you, help with the cleaning from time to time and other minor things, it is like your house take care of it and be respectful to other people in the house.
My son stayed here during a short program with the New York Film Academy. We went with him to tour the property and were pleased with what we saw. Yes, the rooms are shared, but we figured it would be fine since it was only a couple of months. The price was reasonable compared to other short term rentals. A place even quoted us $2050/month for a studio for a 2 month rental! Cleaning could be better tackled, but then again each person should be responsible for his/her own cleaning. My son always felt safe, he made some friends. It was comforting to know he was not going to be alone in a large city. Regarding other comments, I know everyone has a different experience, but in our case our son had a good experience. As parents would recommend this business.
I stayed in the 8 person room for a month while apartment hunting, and this place was a hassle from start to finish. First off, it was a whole process with a lot of emails and sending reminder emails, and asking for forms and information, before I had a move in date set up. They said theyโ€™d send me more info before I got there about move in, but they mixed up my dates, and I had to basically show up with no information. Plus the house manager was out of town so I called him and basically all he told me was all the doors are unlocked so I could just let myself in. For the most part the doors usually were unlocked during my stay there which made me pretty uncomfortable. Eventually, they got better about locking doors and installed some cameras by the door, because there may or may not have been some issues with guests who didnโ€™t actually live here coming in and out. Or at least thatโ€™s what I was asked about when they were putting the cameras up. (More on this later). The 8 bunk female room with lots of windows, sheer curtains, and unlocked doors being of the first floor where most people could walk past and peer into also wasnโ€™t super great. The first thing I did when I got there was go out and buy my own sheets and towels because the ones they provided were dingy and still slightly damp in the closet (probably because the dryer here doesnโ€™t work at all so donโ€™t waste your money drying your clothes, youโ€™re better off just hang drying them). I also bought some wet wipes and spend a good half hour wiping down and cleaning out the plastic drawer set I was given because it had been in the back of a closet for who knows how long and had sticky/crusty orange stuff all over it. I also didnโ€™t really ever use the kitchen upstairs because it was all the way up on the third floor and had a perpetual smell of old food from crowded refrigerators and dudes. Whenever I did go up, there was a pile of dudes on the couches playing video games or smoking out on the balcony. The ones I chatted with were all pretty friendly but this place is like a college dorm and you donโ€™t willingly go to the guys floor/man cave unless necessary. Thankfully, someone who stayed there before me had left a microwave in my room downstairs. Comfortable use of a real kitchen would have been preferable though. Most of the girls I lived with agreed. Most of the girls I lived with were pretty nice, but living with random roommates is always a gamble. Once, I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and I saw something scurrying in the corner of he bathroom. Iโ€™d see rats outside of the house a lot so I thought one had gotten inside so I freaked out and scrambled for the lights. Turns out one of the other girls had come back to the room after I fell asleep with her friend to spend the night. Her friend also brought her pet ferret (both a smelly animal and illegal in California) and didnโ€™t put it back in its case before falling asleep. Overnight guests and pets were big no noโ€™s in the house rules, but the girl who brought them over was just asked not to do it again and the friend and ferret hung out in our room all morning and through the afternoon the next day. I was skeptical about this place from the other reviews, but gave it a chance only to find out all the bad reviews were wholly accurate. One girl in my room left after a month to try another coliving place, Upstart, which seemed nicer to her. Another girl, left after 3 days because she couldnโ€™t stand it here at all. I was lucky and about to find an apartment and move out but a lot of people who stay rely on this place for cheap housing while theyโ€™re still in school or looking for jobs, and the management here really takes advantage of that.
I lived in this dormitory for a month. I found it on a craigslist ad. It cost $675 to share an 8-bed dorm room. It advertised itself as a workspace, which simply wasn't true. However, it needs a lot of work and as of now I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. -The sink was broken for 6 out of the 31 days I stayed there, meaning the kitchen was unusable. For much of the rest of the time, it was allowed to become filled with dirty dishes despite house rules to the contrary, which went unenforced. -There is absolutely no security for belongings, or lockable containers. This is the only shared living space I have ever been in that lacked these. As a result, a large amount of someone's money went missing while I was there. -There is very little room for storage inside the rooms, and though there is more in the garage, my belongings there were often moved around and even stacked beneath other people's stuff, even though I put them out of the way. If I'd had any fragile items within my luggage there, they would have been destroyed. -The House Manager is a good guy and I actually like him. However, he lacks any customer service skills- he would often snap at guests and refuse to listen to them, and would be loud early in the morning and late at night, ignoring requests to quiet down. He got into shouting fights with 3 guests while I was there. He needs some customer service training. -During the heatwave, we were not allowed to turn up the air conditioner, resulting in an extremely hot living room that became unusable. Ostensibly a "workspace", this common living room is too hot to use during the afternoons without constantly sweating. Whenever the House Manager wasn't there, we would turn up the air conditioning, but he would immediately turn it down every time he returned. When I asked him if we could keep the air conditioner turned up, he told me to shut up and leave him alone. He was a good guy for everything not involving work though. -The 'workspace' doesn't have enough outlets or space to work in, particularly when people are watching TV. Thus, it's not really a workspace. -There aren't power outlets near all of the beds/bunks, meaning I couldn't charge my phone at night without putting it on the floor across the room. This was very annoying, and compounded by the fact that: -You must stay in the bed you are assigned when you first move in, and can never move. I received a top bunk when I moved in, but I was never allowed to move to a bottom bunk even though three bottom bunks moved out while I was there. There is absolutely no reason for this practice. The positives include some really great residents, and the location being near a grocery store, restaurants, many major studios, and plenty of parking. However, there are several other shared living arrangements near this one that are cheaper and better in almost every way, so there is no reason to stay here until this place improves. It opened too soon after the building was constructed and still isn't worth anywhere near the price.
Would give 0 stars if possible. After emailing them through their site, I happened to walk past the building on my way to the gas station/convenience store across the street. I knocked on the door and mentioned I had emailed them and was interested in staying there. A kind man there had seen the email and gave me a tour. All seemed to be going well. Then Emily emailed me, asking about some standard pre-screening info and when I could set up a tour. I mentioned I already had one. She then completely shifted gears and scolded me about their zero tolerance policy about unscheduled tours, like a potential resident should know the inner workings of their company rules. She then continued to email me, but only on the topic of trying to get me to rat out the clearly more rational employee (I am not a rat) whose name I don't recall anyway. After all this I asked if we can set up a more formal tour, to which she responded they no longer have availability. The only thing that changed from when she wanted my info and to set up a tour to having no availability was finding out that someone else gave me a tour.
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