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Budapest Garden Budapest

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since 2019, offering:

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The hostel was very good. People are welcoming and friendly. I spent 3 days and my experience was amazing. I would recommend it for those who would like to stay at hostel in Budapest.
Garden hostel is an amazing place to stay in Budapest. I have met a lot of great people there and we spent some very good time together. Rooms are very comfortable, there is a big kitchen, balcony and a huge garden. The place has very hone atmosphere and I am always happy coming back 😊
The main reason I booked here was to be close-ish to the bus station.... But unfortunately, on asking the owner if I could hang out there in the kitchen or garden (the only social spaces) until the worst of the days heat was over, so I could catch my bus later in the evening, he flat out refused. "No. There is no space here,and we have a full house tonight. Checkout is 11am and you must be off the property by 12 midday." This was a flat out lie, as I asked his volunteer staff and they said they had 4 beds free in the six bed dorm available still. I came back at 3pm to grab my bag and the place was still totally empty. On asking if I could at least leave my bag there for a few hours, he seemed put out and said "if you have to, but you must pick it up before 8pm and have to leave it in the hallway, but you can't stay" Now....all this was when he could clearly see I am injured and having a lot of trouble walking as I broke my walking stick the night before I arrived at the hostel, and still have to use it without the handle until I can find a new one long enough for me to his behaviour to a disabled person is absolutely disgusting and appalling! As for the rest of the place....the beds are basic and a little uncomfortable, but tolerable. They have only 8 small lockers, not big enough for even small day packs, and nowhere else secure or out of the way to store your bag. The dorm is in an old livingroom, as the hostel is actually a house, so the kitchen is the next room and quite noisy in the morning and night.... There is also some outside noise from the main road and barking dogs, because the windows must stay open due to no fans in the dorm. They have a serious fly and mosquito problem, probably because the "pool" is half dismantled and left in the yard with puddles of water as a breeding place for there is no pool. The volunteer staff were actually pretty nice and polite though, in total contrast to the very rude owner. I regret ever choosing to stay there, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone....purely based on the abysmal attitude of the owner. His dishonesty in dealing with reviews, is to try have negative ones removed, its just shady. Any review he doesn't like, he responds to with lies, and attempts to have them removed, instead of attending to the issues like a mature business man. I was extremely disappointed with this behaviour, even if the actual stay was rough but tolerable for a night.
Probably the best thing about this place is that you can feel at home, the owner is very friendly and helpful in everything you need. There is also a beautiful garden where you can relax and enjoy nature. It’s not an ordinary hostel, so the feeling is more like a home environment. The place is kinda far from the tourist area, but there is a bus/train station very close to there and there are also plenty of supermarkets and shops around, so in the end, it’s not a problem because during the day you live tourism and at night and in the morning you have home vibes so for me it’s a good balance According to comfort, the price/quality ratio is fair. In general, the atmosphere is very good and you will want to back.
Stayed there nearly a week and had lovely chats in the evening. Very jovial and open space, relaxed. Balasz is a great guy and runs the place
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