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CoLiving Madeira Santa Cruz

in Madeira, Portugal 🇵🇹  ✉️


🚪‍ private roomsfrom 650/two-weeks €990/month 👯‍♂️‍ dormitory bedstwin beds from 320/two-weeks €690/month €540/month (long-stay)  small coliving, ⛪️ suburban, 👩‍💻 workations, 🌤 mild, 🤔 workroom, 🌷 garden, 📶 fibre, 🏝 island, 🏖 coastal, 💬 Wrong details?

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I recently stayed at CoLiving Santa Cruz Madeira and overall, my experience was positive. The property boasts a large garden with an abundance of fresh avocados, which was a delightful treat. The spacious rooftop terrace was another highlight, offering a great place to have fun with other community members while watching the planes and the sea. One of the perks of staying here is the sense of freedom within the community. Santa Cruz town center and the sea within walking distance is a plus. However, it is important to note a couple of drawbacks. The property is situated opposite the airport, which can lead to some noise disturbance during takeoff. While it wasn't a major issue for me, it may impact light sleepers or those seeking a completely tranquil environment. Additionally, there have been concerns about pests such as bed bugs, but I haven't encountered any issues during my stay. It's worth mentioning that at present, there are five occupied rooms, and no one has reported any problems. As for rats and ants, given the property's older garden setting, it's not uncommon to encounter them. The owner is taking care of the problem . It should be understood that the facilities and buildings here possess a rustic charm and not a modern building. Therefore you get the wine cellar on top. Regarding cleanliness during the stay, it is the responsibility of the community and its important for everyone to contribute to maintaining a clean and comfortable environment.
Please only stay in this place if you are comfortable with plane noise and fumes. I've never known anything like it! I was lucky to have lovely housemates but was not impressed with the communication with management who seemed reluctant to reveal who they were. There were so many ants such that I felt uncomfortable enough I left early. I left 4 days early due to ants rats and plane noise.
Is it a plane? Is it a rat? Is it an ant? No it’s a coworking space! But it also has all of these. And if thats not enough you will love the mosquitos. To be honest, we knew that the place would not be the best one and knew about the proximity to the Airport beforehand. Still, you will not get used to the plane Noise and the fumes. Earplugs for the night are a neccesity. Sadly in every other regard the place is also very run down and not being maintained. The room cleaning is sufficent and done weekly even though the day for it changed constantly. The only thing keeping me from giving this 1 Star are the amazing roommates we had. Cons: - Plane Noise - Plane Fumes - Ants literally everywhere - Rats in the living room - mosquitos in the living room and office space - run down Place, only one outdoor chair has 4 legs of the same length, broken sun loungers and so on Pros: - they have Office Equipment (though very rudimentary, no hdmi cables, bad desks and broken office chairs) - good wifi (250mbit) - you can eat Mangos/avocados and so on from the Garden) - close to the airport, you can literally walk there - very cheap
Honestly, don't stay there! One of the worst experiences I've ever had. The house is dirty and full of ants, rats and mosquitos. The house is so beautiful, but simply not well maintained. There's also garbage everywhere in the garden. I went shopping and put my groceries on the table - 5 minutes later everything was full of ants. I wanted to stay there for 2 weeks but left on the third day because I felt so uncomfortable.
If you really care about your health don't go to this place! extreme noise of the airport (it's literally like living in the airstrip without any exaggeration), bad toxic smell from planes gas when they take off and tires when they land are just the first issues. And that airport has more than 90 flights per day on average! the places itself is an old lovely building although it's suffering from lack of attention and proper cleaning. shared area are extremely messy and dirty. you can expect cockroach, mouse and even rat inside the house. you can see mold in lots of places. and in the room even gonna be worst! my girlfriend and I both started to have skin issues when we were there and for me it became terrible on the last day and after couple of days when I went to doctor I understood that those marks on my body is a bedbug mark. so yes, our room had BEDBUGS! I can go on and on as this place has tons of problem , I've been digital nomad for 3 years and been in many different places and it was the worst and I will never come back there!
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