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Dash Aberdeen

in Hong Kongโ€‰๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡ฐ and 1 other location ย  ย  ย  ย โœ‰๏ธ


Formerly operated as Mojo Nomad from Ovolo.

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This is the nicest hostel I've stayed at. They have a great work room / common area just for relaxing & getting on-line. Although I don't understand why you can't drink a beer in this space. That floor also has a TV room and a quiet space (where you can speak on your phone & not bother others). There is also a communal kitchen & storage room etc... along with a small restaurant on the street level. The rooms are clean. I would much prefer to have curtains around the individual beds in the dorms though. The dorm rooms has shower / restrooms at each end of the room (there are two in my dorm room for 8 people). The lockers are a bit small for a backpack. The location is not near tourist attractions, but the local fishing village / area is pretty picturesque and the bus 107 is very nearby & runs to downtown & returns very close by (about 1 block away). Overall: This place is great, would stay here again & do recommend it.
A bit of a journey from the airport so recommend organising getting a shuttle rather than a taxi to save money. The staff are so welcoming and friendly and the place is amazing. Could not love it more! Spacious and clean room with amazing views. Bathroom is perfect size for 4 of us and again is very clean. Great door security (you have to scan key card to get in and again in the lift for it to work). Beds are comfy and we woke feeling well rested. Communal areas are spacious and well set out - great for both work and socialising. Overall, can't pick any faults with the room itself.
Best Hostel Ever!! Don't think twice about booking this place. The staff is professional and polite. The facilities are 5star. Lounge area, communal kitchen, ample storage, separate TV lounge and computer browsing area. It has everything, well cleaned. I stayed in a 8 bed dorm room which had two toilets. Good harbor facing shower, magnifying mirror above the sink. Best experience ever. I wish I had booked this for the rest of my temporary stay.
The ratings are misleading, since seems like this was a backpacker hostel, now itโ€™s remodelled as service apartment. They keep increasing the rent by $1000, every 3 months, for no additional services. Also agreed services are not delivered properly. No clear justification on why rent increase so frequently, when no improvement in service quality. Sad that does not include laundry and needs $50/wash. Only 3 machines for 72 tenants. Indoor lighting is not good. Needs more readable lighting and calmer tones. Hygiene is a big key issue. Found Cockroaches and lizards in the building. Kitchen is mostly broken unusable utensils, toaster is never cleaned, blender is broken for long time no fix. Reported water leak to reception, no action. Pictures attached. This location is Tin wan, though not far from Aberdeen. For people work in central or along north of hk island, be mindful of transit via Aberdeen tunnel as it may cause delay and is always congested during peak hours.
All by yourself. No hot water in winter because the room using Water storage electric water heater instead gas. Unbelievable even paid this room rate still like quantity.
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