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Edom València

in Spain 🇪🇸    ✉️

since Sept. 2023, offering:

A peaceful, organic and growth mindset co-living providing a luxurious lifestyle experience designed to enhance, enrich and evolve.

Everything you may need — restaurants, shops, pharmacy, bakery, hairdressers, metro station… Our favorite thing about living here is the peace and quiet. Literally just down the road we have the nearest and largest forest area to the city. Ideal for jogging, going for a walk or even having a swim in the river Turia.

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I've been a little hesitant about the idea of ​​living in a coliving, worried about not having enough personal space and feeling awkward around other roommates. However, my first experience was surprisingly pleasant. The other housemates were extremely welcoming and understanding, making my transition much smoother despite my difficulties with English. The house was wonderful, equipped with all the necessary comforts, and Philip, the owner, was incredibly kind and nice. It was amazing how such a beautiful relationship was created between us. I'm happy to have overcome my initial concerns and had such a positive coliving experience.
Our curiosity about this coliving in Valencia quickly turned into an amazing experience that kept us there for an extra month! The vibe was like hanging out with family—lots of deep chats mixed with loads of laughs. We had all sorts of days, from food days to game marathons, either together or doing our own thing. The place was in a chill area, but everything we needed was nearby, which was a relief. I was worried about not having a coffee machine (big deal for me, being Italian), but the one at the coliving spot saved the day. Trust me, finding a decent cup of coffee in Valencia was a struggle, but this place had it nailed. We played padel with the crew from the coliving and it was such a blast, especially since I used to play back in Italy. It was awesome to share the court and memories with them. Then there was the legendary paella day—what a vibe! The place was buzzing with people, and the paella was out of this world. It was one of those days you wish would never end. Even though the weather wasn't scorching, I couldn't help but imagine how amazing it would be to take a dip in the pool during the summer. It's definitely on my to-do list for next time. Speaking of the room, the storage space was on point. I had plenty of room to stash my stuff, and the kitchen was equipped with everything I needed. It was like they read my mind—everything was just perfect. Philip, the host, was super cool and always ready to help out. It felt like staying with extended family. Despite having tons of shared spaces, I still found my own groove without feeling crowded, which I was a little worried about. Overall, it was an awesome experience that blew away all my worries and expectations. We had a blast and made some great friends. Only downside? Philip's a Fulham fan... but we can forgive him for that... maybe.
I arrived at Edom Coliving at the beginning of February with my friends. I have SO MUCH to say, but I'll try to summarise. I loved the place immediately. Nice, quiet, cosy, lost of outside space, amazing vibe in the house with the other colivers and Philip the host. I also did some activities organised by Philip, such as Valencia Profunda which is a language exchange, and the Disco Hike which is exactly that, a long nice hike in the mountains. We also found ourselves spending time together after work, which was always very nice. It gives you the opportunity to get to know everyone and have a good time. Speaking about work, there is amazing internet at the house and PLENTY of options to choose your work spot for the day. We were booked to stay for one month but since we enjoyed our time at Edom so much, we extended our stay for another month. I definitely want to come back and maybe bring friends or my sister with me so they can also have this amazing experience. Thank you Philip and colivers for this experience! And if you read my review until this point, trust me, Edom Coliving is the best choice if you want to meet new people, have a great place to stay and work from near Valencia. ✨✨✨✨✨
Wow, this place is really amazing. It’s hard to believe it’s so close to the city center because it feels like a different world! So calm and peaceful. A beautiful and expansive property both inside and out. Phillip is an awesome host and seems to know everyone who is sharing cool offerings in Valencia. He offers a top notch all-around experience. Thank you Phillip!
Stayed here for a month. I don't want to exaggerate and say it was the best month of my life, but definitely the best place I've ever stayed at. So peaceful, quiet at night (I slept like a baby), with amazing surroundings and a great vibe. The host, Phillip, is an awesome guy. We had a lot of good, deep conversations and worked out together most days, either at the house or the outdoor gym a couple of minutes away. It was a great place for me to sit and work and focus and cut out distractions from the outside world. Sara’s cooking skills were amazing and I loved the food she made. It’s a spacious place, even if you want to hang out or get your privacy. Comfortable beds, good wifi, best movie night experience with the projector, . Overall amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone!
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