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El Depa de Juana Mexico City

in Mexicoโ€‰๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฝ ย  ย  ย  ย โœ‰๏ธ

since 2019, offering:

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The only good thing about the place is the design, although the facilities are increasingly neglected, and from there everything goes wrong, nothing works, the stoves, the washing machines, the light bulbs, the showers, the bathrooms, the waste does not go away, every Tomorrow you are going to find the bathrooms disgusting and with surprises in the bowls, and it is impossible to even take a bath, the person in charge never solves anything, there is a lot of water shortage, they increase costs by up to 20% a year and they do not comply with their contract regarding to the return of deposits. There's no real filter as to who comes in, there are a lot of people who are very uncomfortable to live with. Don't get carried away by the look and the friendly welcome, you walk in and everything is just problems.
Although the location is good and the rooms are comfortable, the service of the place and the lack of compliance in what they offer make you not return. The maintenance also leaves a lot to be desired and when you ask the administrator for help, she ignores you. You have the use of washing machines, but you invariably have to insist that they turn them on. Dryers stop working properly if more than one is in service. Even though there are several showers, it is very difficult to take a bath. If there is more than one in use, the water drops a lot, in addition to the fact that the temperature is super irregular. Frequently there is no water due to lack of monitoring by the administration. The common areas are in terrible condition, some of them are simply unusable. There are areas where months go by without replacing burned out light bulbs. The stoves do not work properly. Apart from all this, they make it very long for you to return the deposit they ask for, even when you have delivered everything in a timely manner, not complying with the agreed dates.
The location of the place is very good because you have the metrobus that connects you to the metro and it has several supermarkets; but the place has maintenance failures, the bathrooms have almost no water, the stoves do not work properly, the girls' apartment occasionally runs out of electricity, there is no internet. The services they claim to offer are not provided 100%, the attention provided by the administration of the place is deficient, they do not answer you when you present a problem related to a service that is failing. Additionally, the times for the return of the deposit are very long, they do not comply with what is established in the signed contract and when you complain there is no concrete response.
The design is fine. But the building sometimes runs out of water and they close the laundry service because of that. They do research for guest candidates and sometimes some men go so far as to harass the women.
The area is perfect since the metrobus is in front and in a few meters Walmart and several places to eat and small squares, the issue is first in the rooms since the size in all of them is different and for just a little you can have a room that is the same For the small ones, water services are scarce, not because of the lack of water, but because they use automatic showers and the water pressure is not enough to get the water out for bathing, only a 3-inch shower works, hot and cold water is a problem. Gambling may or may not happen to you depending on the mood of the building, the common areas are cleaned but there are some furniture that needs to be changed, the administrator and the owner receive little support in matters of fixing the water or the internet which all the time The signal goes out, the atmosphere among those who live there is great, the bad thing is the treatment they give you, advice, take a photo of how they give you the room since anything that was not your fault or that was the case, they charge you for it deposit, and no matter how much you explain, the administrator pigeonholes herself to her story and stops answering emails on social media, in itself it is a good place in the area but the maintenance and how they manage it leaves a lot to be desired, for the cost I think you can get something better since it costs you almost the same rent a mini apartment plus services since this year they raised the prices because we have to pay VAT which had not been done just this year, my recommendation is to look for something else and if there is not another option, rent here but keep evidence of everything and put yourself within reach of the administrator's actions
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