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Haven Brooks

Venice in CA, the USA 🇺🇸 and 1 other location      ✉️


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Beautiful Place to stay for a week or more. Lovely housemates, Good Location and pleasant area to RESIDE IN. I Am grateful i found this place. Well worth it for sure! -AM
Looks good outside but management and general atmosphere are so poor. Don't make a long-term contract to save a little. You will want to leave early like we did, and the penalty will be huge.
Great place to stay short or long-term and less than one mile away from venice beach. Very easy to make friends and you never really feel lonely. Pretty good surrounding area and public transportation is very easy to access if you don’t have a vehicle. Highly recommended as a good first place to start out in Los Angeles.
I would stay far away from here. I lived here for 9 months. While the people living here are extremely nice, basically everything else is terrible. We often described the place as a “purgatory”. There are cameras watching you do everything. Often the house manager will post in the group chat and ridicule an individual with this sort of burn the witch mentality. They never gave back my (or my friends) $500 deposit. After multiple attempts to contact the only way they even responded was when I sent an official threat to sue. They played it off like nothing and then promised to pay but, as you’d expect if you knew them, they immediately cut contact and didn’t pay. I would say the only reason to live here is if you like wasting your money and being surrounded by bad vibes. Other than that, look elsewhere.
RUN AWAY!! Current occupant, here. This place was not meant to house 94 people. The back houses have 10 people living in the same area in boxes, so if one person gets sick, everybody does. Place is poorly managed and is NOT in 'pristine condition.' We had rats for a period of time. Also, the contract and the owner of Haven are sketchy.
Scammers. They make you fill out application and charge application fee then no reply if I was accepted or denied. I’ve been contacting the manager James Foster. He sent me an email that do not replay. And he stopped responding to me. Poor way to collect money
The locations are both very close to the beach. All you see is beautifully interiored and the equipment is the best. The bathrooms are gorgeous and the people are too. It's quiet and the pods have lights, plugs, and shelves. The mattresses are very comfortable. I highly recommend Haven! The only problems I had was a lot of gossip that gave me real problems.
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