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Kasa São Paulo

in Brazil 🇧🇷        ✉️


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The entire infrastructure offered in the building is excellent, the apartments are all furnished and complete, the blackout curtains make the room even more pleasant. The building is very well located on the main roads of São Paulo, close to markets, bars, restaurants, colleges, however, the rental price is a little high.
Unnecessarily bureaucratic building to gain access, a place that I can only imagine would be practical for young single people to live, preferably digital nomads, with few of their own assets, living in rented apartments. The access system is an unnecessarily bureaucratic soap opera, it almost feels like we are entering a consulate.
Good service, clean and comfortable room, I stayed in 703. Advantage of having a vending machine on site and with good prices.
RUN AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!! Bad-tempered, rude, rude, and arrogant employees. Practicality? none. However, the residents are definitely the worst thing about this place. Are there only extremely rude, noisy, toxic and party-related people in the condominium? Oh my dear, this happens every day at the Lounge and if you complain, know that nothing will happen, as there are no fines for noise or anything like that, the managers are just for decoration. The coolness is such that when you complain about the noise at the reception, if the noise is related to the apartments, the concierge goes up to the floor, checks, comes down and if the noise continues you will have to complain again, and guess what? He calls the person and nothing happens, the commotion continues with no time to end. Extremely expensive apartment for what it offers, in addition, it is not at all comfortable, a 2-way electric stove, a ridiculously tiny refrigerator, and among other details that I will not delve into. It is worth mentioning a terrible experience I had with the receptionist at the place, who was extremely bad-tempered, as were the other employees at the place. Again highlighting, the neighborhood is ROTTEN. I and many others there witnessed ABSURD things, from people throwing rubbish in the hallways, to another person who broke a large bottle inside the elevator and left a mirrored liquid for hours without even being ready to clean it or notify anyone about it, consequently, the main elevator was closed due to the poor education of the subject. Please note that, while I lived there, a neighbor had to change floors, as people kept throwing rubbish on his balcony. But obviously the administration didn't do anything about it. It really is a madhouse, escape from this cursed place. It will probably be one of the worst experiences of your life and you will literally just waste money. There is no gym, pool, nothing. Living in this place is a waste of money, and especially time.
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