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Plura San Felipe

Bogotá in Colombia 🇨🇴        ✉️


🚪‍ private rooms double from €605/month €425/month (long-stay) 🛖  studios  large coliving, 🏙 city, ⌨️ ergonomic coworking, 🏋️ gym, 🍿 movies, 🧺 housekeeping, 🐕 pet-friendly, 💆 spa, 🎪 regular events, 🍽 meals at rooftop bar, coffee shop and restaurant 💬 Wrong details?

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I am overwhelmed by how welcoming Plura's team, Juan, Sara, Hasad, my neighbors (And their dogs) have been at Plura Coliving. If I had known about Plura when arriving in Bogotá I would have lived here immediately instead of staying in an Airbnb. Waking up every morning and going to work in the coworking space with my friends was incredible. I was able to host a weekly coworking session with software developers in Bogotá which was a lot of fun too. I made good use of the gym and roof top lounge almost every day. The small and modern apartment is perfect for my lifestyle as I only own a carry-on suitcase and a backpack. The full kitchen is great for making my stir fry dinners. Plura's located in the San Felipe neighborhood which is a quick walk to any type of local or international food, cafes, bars, shopping, and anything else you may want. I enjoyed having a desk too for taking quick calls or working late at night. The large and modern bathroom is a nice feature also. Plura takes security seriously which I appreciate with cameras, security guards, biometric access to the building, sign-ins for guests, etc. I plan to keep in touch with the friends I made here. I'm looking forward to see Plura hopefully expand to new places and would instantly stay at any new Plura location in the future. I couldn't have asked for a better time here. 🫶🌄
10 Stars 🥇 why else would they have a 5.0 google review. For me, I did my homework and saw what type of building would be perfect? It’s in fact Plura …. This building and staff made such a huge difference in relocating from Medellin to Bogota. The whole process in terms of being video interviewed to live there, virtual tours, supportive and helpful security staff members. The safety is #1, the building has a huge gym, huge spa,huge co working areas, common areas, etc… I am very impressed with the design of the rooms, very fast internet, very hot showers, this place is so refreshing to live and enjoy the community. Andrea and her team truly care of it’s neighbors and those that live there. I would strongly recommend Plura to anyone. Their beds are super comfy and it’s a larger than life experience! Thank you so much team 💯😊🤓🇨🇴
PLURA is a convenient, very cool and unique place to live and work in Bogotá. It has a lot of amenities, huge Gym, great working places, terraces, rooftop and a lot of surprising spaces. The neighborhood is the art district of Bogotá, full of galleries and restaurants.
The past year I spent 3 months with my partner at Plura Coliving and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life. The community atmosphere was amazing. The facilities were top-notch and always kept clean, and the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. One of the things that stood out to me was how well the community was curated. From the events and activities they organized to the people they brought together. I also appreciated how much the team at Plura (Andrea, Leo and Zolanyi) went above and beyond to make sure their residents were happy. Overall, I would highly recommend Plura Coliving to anyone looking for a supportive, friendly community. The experience of living there was truly unforgettable, and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of it. Thank you, Plura Coliving, for everything!
I lived in Plura for a year and absolutely loved the experience. I was able to sign the lease remotely. The only requirement was a security deposit which is common system abroad but almost entirely inexistent elsewhere in Colombia. My apartment (Plura 1) was just the right size for my needs as I was mostly working from home. I mostly used the coworking areas, gym, spa and terraces to hang out with other people living there. But there are other amenities. Very convenient: there’s a laundry service within the building as well as a rooftop bar. The price is certainly reasonable. But the best thing about Plura is the community. Met lots of friends there. Awesome, open-minded and friendly people. 5/5
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