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Costa da Caparica, Portugal🇵🇹  ·   

· The Sea Office has a wonderful location, it is quiet and you can walk to the beach or the village in just a few minutes. The rooms are really very clean! The internet connection has been stable all week, perfect for working. The host Susanna is very customer oriented, friendly and helpful. And for surfers or those who have been to the beach, there is even an outdoor shower with hot water in the garden. What more could you ask for? We will definitely be back!
· I stayed for 7 weeks and I cannot recommend at all. AVOID AT ALL COST. There is another Coworking opening in spring 2020 in Costa da Caparica called Dr. Bernard right by the beach with ocean view, I suggest checking this one out. Or if you like surfing there are Coworking Spaces that open 24/7 and are much better in Peniche, Ericeira, Viana do Castelo, Conil de la Frontera, Capreton, Lacanau, Zarautz or Taghazout in Morocco. Or if you prefer a dynamic environment with networking possibilities I suggest a Coworking Space in Lisbon such as Cowork Central – Cais do Sodré which costs more or less the same like Sea Office but provides a proper collaborative environment. What were the issues at Sea Office: - Only open 09 - 18:00 and closed on the weekends. This may be enough for a remote 9 to 5 job or for going into maintance mode for you business for a while. But not when you run an ambitous global business that you want to grow with clients in different time zones. BIG PROBLEM: YOU DO NOT GET THE KEYS; SO YOU HAVE TO AGREE WITH OTHER COWORKERS OR THE OWNER WHEN YOU ARE ALONE WHEN YOU CAN LEAVE FOR LUNCH AND COME BACK. IT FEELS LIKE A PRISON AT TIMES. - Lisbon prices when you do not get the same service - It is pretty empty at times, so do not expect a lot of networking opportunities or a dynamic environment that motivates you. - I had stayed already in 10+ other cowork spaces and the standard is that when you stay for at least a month and you have paid the monthly rate and then maybe stay 1 or 2 days longer the monthly rate is divided by 30 and that is what you pay for extra days. Not at Sea Office where you have to pay the full daily rate if you stay for example 1 day longer than 1 month. On my last day I got charged the full daily rate even if I was not able to leave the office for 3 hours as the owner went out for lunch and other things (Remember that Coworkers do not get a key). She had told me that before but when not being able to provide the full service and still insisting on the full daily rate I think it is highly unfair. On top she (the owner) made a face because I wanted to pay the 15 Euros with a 50€ bill, simply no sense for customer service. - Complete lack of customer service understanding by the owner. All she is interested in is getting her money and doing as little as possible afterwards. It is small details such as not having paper in the printer when you need it, telling her and not hearing anything back. - I had told the owner all the above and she thinks she was doing me a favour by offering an extra day in the end when she actually wanted to shut down the Coworking space for the entire month of December (as there was nobody there). That just reflects the personality of the owner, it always feels as if she was doing a favour when actually it is you the client who pays. Which other coworking spaces simply shut down for September, then open in October and November and then in December possibly shut down again?? So she is doing you a "favour" if you stay one extra day in December and asks for the higher daily rate and thinks it is okay for her to leave me like in a prison for 3 hours while she is out and I am not allowed to have the key, great customer service and thanks a lot for the "favour". Again: AVOID AT ALL COST; NOT WORTH THE MONEY
· The Sea Office is a great co-working place where I stayed and worked. The atmosphere is relaxed and professional, specially the combination of living and working is inspiring. The place is located in the centre of Caparica in a charming house with lots of space, even a nice garden. The host is always helpful and willing to take initiative to secure a warm stay. I can’t surf but the other co-workers who did were happy by the facility’s to store there equipment. It’s a high recommendable place to be.
· Great place to stay for surfing, living and working. A few minutes walk to the beach, city centre, bars and restaurants. Owner Susana is always helpful and sharing kitchen and balconies with the other guests gives a great opportunity to meet interesting people. Really nice and welcoming atmosphere. Will be back for sure
· A great coworking and coliving space! So close to the beach! Lots of surfers around. Great people and nice vibes! Definitely will come back here again!

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