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The Tomorrow Building Chattanooga, TN

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I've lived here longer than anyone else in the building right now. I love the location but Second Story/SVN does not care one bit about the happiness and well being of their tenants. Heating and air conditioning system is offline for the whole building but the businesses on the first floor. The community kitchens and common areas are constantly between 87 and 95 degrees. The portable ac units they gave us cannot keep up with the current heat. Considering they are doing nothing to cool the hall ways and common rooms. The management has begun to ignore our complaints which tells me upper management has probably told them to say nothing. I'm including 2 pics of the temps of the thermostats in the halls and kitchen. The 3rd pic is the portable AC unit in my apartment. Working all day in a hot warehouse to come home to an 80 degree apartment is not fun and is ridiculous. I highly advise anyone to think twice before dealing with any Second Story/SVN property in town. I will have to call everyday and annoy them to the point where they will take some limited action. I wish it wasn't that way but that's all they respond too.
Conveniently positioned in downtown Chattanooga. There's a nice plaza to sit in and several restaurants. Night Fall concerts and other activities are nearby at Miller Park. If one enjoys urban living and hiking, it's a great place. I don't live there so I'm not sure of the parking situation.
I lived at the Tomorrow Building for a year now, and the community is fine. It is easy to meet people. However, management has been difficult to work with on multiple occasions, but this time was especially frustrating. Nearing the end of my current lease, I was promised a 3 month short term lease extension, and someone from upper management reassured me multiple times that I would receive it. I did not receive it. It took me 2 weeks of trying to follow up via text AND email before giving up and just waiting in front of the office to talk to the property manager instead. I was shocked when she told me something completely different and that “they don’t do short term leases anymore”. This is strange because the short term leases are a major selling point they push. So important that they advertise it on their website in all caps… It is frustrating that two people from management can say completely different things with something as important as lease extensions. What’s worse is that I was told by a neighbor that they DID receive a month by month lease option! So what is the policy? Communication is important for any tenant, but it seems to not be a priority here. If I was told initially that there was not a short term lease option, that would have been fine because I would have enough time to make arrangements as my current lease was ending. But the whiplash of being promised one thing and told another was disappointing.
I would put a 0 if that were a option. If you want a broken air conditioner, dangerous area, and unhelpful staff, live here! AC has been broken on every floor for months (maybe years looking at the comments). They will ‘try’ to fix it, but it never gets fixed….. They don’t even offer a discount for this inconvenience, even when it was over 90 degrees in the apartments in the summer. Who knows how the winter will go here. One of my neighbors had their AC broken for the entire year, so they had to sleep in the community rooms, when they had paid around $1600 every month for rent. When they told management their issue, customer service was rude, yelled at them, and just hung up…. They say this is a recent problem but these past comments say otherwise. The area is pretty dangerous with cars getting smashed and solicitors ( who occasionally sleep in front of the building). The building isn’t a refuge, as you will see random people who aren’t residents walking around. They do short term rentals here, so people come and go, and I’m pretty sure they don’t do any background checks on any of the residents or the short-term guests. Noone is ever in the office on-site…. I think it is safe to say that you will feel unsafe living here. Apartments are dim. There isn’t any parking, so you will have to park somewhere else and walk. Not very good with communication between management and residents.
Don’t believe the good reviews. They were paid off. If you lease here, as soon as you sign, you no longer matter. They don’t care if your apartment is on fire, don’t call the after hours maintenance because it isn’t real number anymore. They want your money. That’s it’s. I’m editing this from the other reviews. Seems like Tara was a decent person. You will no longer deal with her. You will deal with Phillip who I can only imagine has this job because he’s family. I hope you’ve moved on to better things Tara!!
The Tomorrow Building has fantastic staff, specifically Tara Daniels. She is the building manager I believe and is immensely helpful. Tara has always been extremely nice and courteous, always willing to help with any issues. Even after I have moved out, she was more than happy to help me get packages that accidently shipped there. I would highly recomend talking to Tara if you have any questions or issues, I cannot express how helpful and nice she is.
This place has some of the most helpful staff out there. Extremely friendly, informative, and service oriented. The juices are amazing on top of that. We had the "Me-Oh-My", super refreshing and tasty. Great experience!
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