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Vonder UpRiver

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Unreliable organization. Horrible communication. I left request couple of times and they respond only in a week, I couldn’t find contact number to call, because I needed to know details as fast as possible, because I needed to know if I count on them. And even after their respond it took one day to respond back on my questions. I asked for messenger, I though it will be faster, and I was for one day. Later I wrote and said I need to move in ASAP, and I still have no respond, but message marked as read. 4 days passed. Beside that, the apartment they offer in their web site could be not available and prizes could be different. That means your time you spent for choosing an option just waisted, as you have to do it one more time from the options they send in xls doc. Hope they’ll fix that problem and hire qualified staff. For now I’m just disappointed as much as possible
The food served at the Amenities Room is nice, but varies in quality. The vegan lasagne is awesome and incredibly tasty, where as the Full English breakfast is not much so. The price for either of them is 20 PLN 20 (approx. £4 or €4.50). The staff is nice, the service is ok, and the ambiance is relaxed and comfortable.
They didn’t return the correct amount for my deposit. I’ve called them numerous times and sent emails over the last few months and I still haven’t received the money. Terrible company.
My stay at UpRiver by Vonder was all in all one of the best longer stays I ever had in a foreign country. I rented a Studio-Apartment for a few months and was in Poland from the end of winter 2021 until beginning of summer 2021. Vonder really thinks about the clients: During the time of harder covid-restrictions the Vonderteam offered various activities doing from home to connect with other Vonderers. With the beginning of summer (and relaxation of Corona-restrictions) Vonder opened a co-working place, gym and bar. If there was any issue I always could talk to the community manager (special thanks to Maria :-) ) to solve the issue quickly and professional. Thanks for the stay, would always come back for a second time!
Pros: Great location (shops, parks, public transport). Just one bill for all services. The co-working is okay if you don't have a lot of online meetings. There is a coffee spot in the cafe on the 1st floor (but the coffee is meh). Dishwasher, stove, washing machine - entry level Samsung, furniture and most of the provided stuff is from Ikea. Ground parking (paid separately). Bicycle parking (under cctv; free of charge) Cons: Noisy (very congested road on the one side, supermarket and another road on another; lots of construction in the neighboring apartments - you hear drilling from 9am on workdays even in the "old" part of the building - wanna take a nap? Forget about it; sometimes neighbors make noise at night when they drinking and chatting on their balconies; if your apartment is close to the supermarket, you will hear the supply trucks unloading every day 6-7am). Issues with the home internet (connection breaks often, approximately once a week; very annoying for the work-from-home lifestyle; can't be solved by Vonder because they are not responsible to this service by the contract). Issues with the air conditioner in the co-working and gym - most of the time it doesn't work (the management have been trying to solve it for months; the gym in the summer was mostly unusable due to this). There is just one meeting room in the co-working and it doesn't have air conditioning (!!!) (it's occupied most of the time; you cant have a quiet space to talk and have to go home). Some of the managers are not very responsive (messages are ignored or not replied timely). Shared stuff like the vacuum cleaner - it's a very cheap and low quality device which barely works (and if you are unlucky with the neighbors, you will clean this vacuum cleaner for them). The rooms on the website photos are not so bright in real life - it's just some brightness/gamma/contract tuning. TLDR: can you find a better place? Maybe :)

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