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Warsaw in Poland 🇵🇱 and 1 other location    ✉️


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I like Vonder! I've been renting an apartment for three months now. The apartment is beautiful, clean, the shower works perfectly, the dishes are new. Housekeeping is good. The guys from the office always respond to phone calls and emails in a timely manner.
Extremely overpriced apartment for such quality. No air conditioner, very cheap furniture, pillows. Household appliances are not very bad, but also cheap and not convenient to use. The apartment was designed for beautiful photos, but nobody thought about comfort of living. Not enough space for clothes, no hooks for towels and jackets, no shoe rack, no toilet paper holder, no TV. Shower floor designed with mistakes so water leaks from the shower into the hallway. Public spaces are rarely washed so sometimes the elevator hall is dirty. The gym is quite small, but good. The coworking space lacks silent areas which makes it incomplete. Everybody conducts calls just from the workplace so it's not comfortable to work there. Unfortunately, one can be easily disturbed by some people watching videos out loud in the coworking space during the workday... The administration is quite hard to get through to. No one answers calls. If you want something, you should write emails only to wait for ages until the reply comes. The administration does not monitor the observance of silence. If somebody arranges a party on the balcony at night, it is your problem. You can't call the administration and can't close a window because you will die without an air conditioner. There are two advantages though. The first one is location. The apartments are pretty close to the center and to the mall. The second one is the ability to rent the apartment for a short period of time.
I recommend the view from the apartments, the place is elegant and clean, I have very nice neighbors, so 5 stars:) Love my new house :D
The best apartments I have ever lived. Recommend
We waited 8 MONTHS for our deposit back.
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