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Yugyo The Pier

Goto in Japan 🇯🇵   ✉️

since 2018, offering:

Goto Island is gaining popularity among those who enjoy workation, as it provides an excellent combination of work and ​beaches despite being located in the countryside. It is a true hidden gem in Japan, so as a global digital nomad, you will ​have the opportunity to explore it as one of its first!

Formerly a HafH space.

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Stylish, comfortable and easy to live in! The residents were all really nice people, and although it was a short stay, it was a wonderful time. Thank you very much Takopa! !
I stayed there for about a month, and it was a wonderful experience! Through this place, I connected with various islanders, and they took me to delicious restaurants and interesting snacks. I also became friends with other residents, and we rented a car and traveled together, which was a lot of fun. I would like to come again this summer.
This is a 5 star share house in terms of access, cleanliness, comfort, and facilities. When I mentioned my name, many of the locals knew me, and they treated me very well. Although it was only for a short time, I feel like Goto is my second hometown! Thank you for your help, I will come again!
Even if I live there, It was an exciting space! ① Home appliances are luxurious. (Especially the best washing machine with dryer) ② Single room is comfortable. (There are plenty of outlets, The futon is light and comfortable) ③There is a cafe. (I'm running another hotel on the 1st floor. The cafe is so comfortable! )
This is a monthly share house that is perfect for a trial move to the Goto Islands. Anyway, the interior is stylish! ! ! The location is convenient, with a supermarket and port nearby, and a cafe right downstairs. It has been designated as a private lodging facility, and is only available to members of the HafH service, where you can stay for just one night.
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