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Alpe Pianello near Luino

in Lago Maggiore, Italy 🇮🇹   ✉️


🚪‍12 private roomsfrom 500/month  small coliving, 🏕 isolated, ⛰️ mountains, ♻️ sustainability, 🧘‍♀️ mindful, ⛲️ big garden, 👩‍🌾 localfood, 🌾 farming, 👨‍👩‍👧 family friendly, 👫 couples, 🦺 volunteering, 🚍 busto Due Cossani (for Agra) 🧐 curatedapplication form 🧮 coownershippotential for tiny houses / staked loan towards renovations 🚕 pickup10€/pp from bus, €30 from train  startup launchingfunctional with renovations ongoing ☮️ intentionalmixed-model ecovillage, cost contribution is minimum, offset with time on communal work 🚉 trainsLuino 💬 Wrong details?

A place to take care of the soul, mind and body, nourishing them connected with nature.

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Alpe Pianello is a magical and fascinating place with a sacred and powerful energy. Alpe Pianello is also a place of people who need a lot of support and help, but where your needs and your times are still respected. For me it was and is a place where I can find many "mirrors", so much strength and so much weakness. In short, a place where I can learn to be together as human beings, each day increasing a little more awareness of my reflected behaviors, my wounds, my needs, my dreams and the limits I impose on myself. For me it is a place full of beauty and human richness.
What a wonderful place with many heart-warming people. A really great project and a way of life that is very close to nature is lived and developed here. In all honesty and simplicity. Thank you all❤️
Simply an amazing experience
We were here for two nights, having accidentally found this little paradise, in the middle of nowhere, high up on a hill, surrounded by silence and the sounds of nature. Our camper was our home, along with the facilities of a warm shower, clean toilets and a washing machine, apart from the warm hospitality offered by the host family, who we cooked with and shared meals and a connection that will probably last a life time. Philip and his family are beautiful people trying to make a difference by offering a living experience for those who are exhausted by the city life and the mundane. We will definitely visit again to experience the silence and peace.
A place to disconnect from society and reconnect with your soul
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