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Co.404 San Cristóbal de Las Casas

in Mexico 🇲🇽        ✉️

since 2021, offering:

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Me and my partner have been traveling/digital nomads for 3 months now and Co404 was by far the best place we have stayed. Great working space, nice room, super friendly staff and volunteers. They plan activities most nights: family meal, climbing, thrift shopping, etc. San Cris is also one of our favourite places in Mexico, it has a really rich culture, great cheap food, and everything is pretty walkable
When you enter co404 in San Cris, you become part of a family. Everything works well, the coworking space, the common spaces, the rooms. But it is the atmosphere that makes it unique. The garden where we have bonfire nights. The rooftop where we play cards. The family dinners. The "who wants to join xxx". I'ver never walked into a new place and felt more welcome. And the city also gets to your heart. It is vibrant, full of music and colors, friendly people, lots of small cafes and pubs to explore, and lots of good food to taste. :)
As a digital nomad who spent an incredible 10 months and 10 days at Co404, I feel OBLIGED to share my experience. It's not often that a place leaves such a profound impact on you. From the moment I arrived, I was welcomed by Santi into a community that soon felt like family. The mix of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and stories around every corner made every day an adventure. Anita, Cati, and Hugo, the staff, is always smiling and helpful, they are always willing to learn new words in English and always kind enough to whow us new Tzotzil and Tzeltal (The local languages) words. Wo'KOLAVAL! The facilities were more than just functional; they were a comfort zone. Reliable internet, comfortable workspaces, private cabins for Zoom Calls and communal areas that were always buzzing with energy and ideas. It was the perfect environment for a digital nomad like me, striking a balance between work and social life. But what truly set this experience apart was the emotional journey. The connections I made here were not just professional networks but genuine friendships. The Owners really know what they are doing... specially in terms of community building! I met over 40 volunteers in my 10 months and 10 days and Santi really makes an EXCELLENT job finding the best of the best! We shared meals, stories, and countless laughs but also tears sometimes when it was time to leave. The local culture was not something I observed as an outsider but was something I became a part of, San Cristobal is a vibrant Pueblo Mágico full of DELICIOUS restaurants from every corner of the World. (Including China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Italy, France, Spain, and of Course México) Leaving after 10 months and 10 days felt like leaving home. This place didn't just provide a roof over my head; it gave me memories that I'll cherish forever, lessons that I'll carry with me, and friendships that I'll always value. It's more than just a coliving space; it's a place where you grow, learn, and belong. THANK YOU Co404! I LOVE YOU!
We stayed one month in the Co. 404 and loved it! It was super fun as the community is really great and most people are staying for at least one month. Also many/most people are digital nomads, so the CoLiving has also a great atmosphere for working and productivity. The location, the chillout areas, the garden, the activities…the CoLiving has everything what you need to have great time :) I highly recommend!
Co404 have figured out a perfect formula. Amazing volunteers, activities and community, nice rooms, reasonable price, and great location. The people it draws are wonderful, and it’s so nice to be able to spend weeks with the same people who are living a similar lifestyle to you. The backyard is beautiful and such an incredible place to work. This place is amazing and I am so grateful to have found it. San Cris itself is such a beautiful place. Anywhere you look you have amazing views in the mountains. The food scene is incredible. And the day trips are spectacular- especially the Sumidero canyons and Chiflon falls. The owners are fantastic, and I cannot wait to go to any and all of the new places that they open! Seriously, if you’re a digital nomad and you’re coming to Mexico, come here and go to the Oaxaca location, spending at least a month in each!
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