Coliving Community

—discover coliving in— mid-size spaces

Offering a great balance of dynamics, keeping things interesting without being overwhelmed by the gang. Usually having multiple common spaces and at least one dedicated workspace. (10–20 bedrooms or units.)

I'm looking to stay in a room

The BNKR  ℹ︎

 ⤚Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka 🏘dispersed🏖beach🏋️gym🏡village⌨️workroom🏝island🏖 from €1860 bungalow

Saint Charles  ℹ︎

 ⤚Biarrtiz, France 🏬town🏨hotel📅seasonal🥃occasional🍃terrace🛁ensuites🏄 from €870 double ensuite

The NYX  ℹ︎

 ⤚Bali, Indonesia 🌲rural🏝island⚛️purposeful🍽meals🍃terrace🌷garden👩‍💻 from €350 ensuite double

PodShare  ℹ︎

 ⤚Hollywood, California 🏙city🧲hub🧹volunteering🚌 from €shared only

PodShare  ℹ︎

 ⤚downtown Los Angeles, California 🏙city🧲hub🚌transit🧹 from €shared only

PodShare  ℹ︎

 ⤚San Diego, California 🏙city🚌transit🧹 from €shared only

PodShare  ℹ︎

 ⤚San Francisco, California 🏙city🧹volunteering🚌 from €shared only

Nergu  ℹ︎

 ⤚Sunlight, Colorado 🏕isolated🧘‍♀️mindful🤸activities🌷 from €1030

Outpost  ℹ︎

 ⤚Phnom Penh, Cambodia 🏙city📶⌨️coworking🛁ensuites🧺housekeeping🚌 from €430; currently closed whilst relocating

🚧This is alpha. We're compiling — do tell us if you've feedback or have a space to add.