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PodShare downtown Los Angeles

California, USA 🇺🇸  ·  and 4 other locations  ·        ✉️

All PodShare locations have a $15 daypass for daytime access to all the common facilities except pods.

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When I checked in at 9pm it was hot and muggy. I am not sure who controls the air but they were not doing good job. Also looked like only the same few people lived there. I asked about the TV and I was looked at like I was crazy and told she dont think the TV works. NONE of them!? I like to watch the news and liked that these pods had TVs in each of them. Then she somehow turned one on and said oh I guess it does not sure if yours does and walked away. Next, I set my bag in a spot that I guess was wrong cause I got told very hastly my bag could not be there. Then the other one chimed on and said that's why I said to put your bag underneath. Ok I was still trying to unpack a little and sat down for 2 sec after a long day. Showers are small and gross looked hardly cleaned with everybody's old shower supplies laying around. The following day they did do massive cleaning to the place which it needed but still didn't clean shower area that I seen but maybe they were saving it for last. 3 stars for price location and cool chic that was actually helpful and I seen cleaning her butt off. She is the reason I might give it another try sometime but I doubt it.
So witch one of your employees didn’t”donate” steal and give my 1500 laptop to I forgot in my Locke there ? Thougt you guys had a lost and found for a reason didn’t know you just give away people possessions
Podshare LA. Space have ur own little space and you can Cook. The Location okay and The Nightly Stays Here is Little Different Here. Lights out at 10pm - 10am but can come back by anytime of the Hours. The Staff are friendly and kept up the cleaning. I love meeting new people and checking out the City of LA. Just one Person really taking nonsense and tell some guests they need to asked someone to use the Restroom and some other stuff told the Guest what too doing. I usually go to work and get ready for the day, But getting asked or asking if I can use the Restroom and Cooking shouldn't be a Thing. Everything else lease met right people got referred to Doordash so got the job and saved me from these hard days and time.. Location Busses are just Blocks and Downtown LA just minutes away from the Podshare LA.
This place is a wonderful place I am definitely goin to recommend this podsharehave wonderful roommates for anyone who wants to recolocate this is the place to stay you feel like you're at home Everything is so clean and there up to code with covid-19 I don't have any complains
Awful experience and the owner is rude. They will not refund you under any circumstance and then give you attitude about a horribly overpriced bug infested bed

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