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Supporting stronger connections for the exchange of ideas and opportunities amongst visitors and locals alike, notably having accommodation for visitors, with an integral coworking space, open to all.

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I'm looking to stay in a room

Sende โ€‰โ„น๏ธŽ

ย โคšnear Ourense, SpainโŸถ S๐ŸŒฒrural๐Ÿงฌimpact๐Ÿ“…seasonal๐Ÿฝmeals๐Ÿคassociation๐ŸŒท from โ‚ฌ560 single

PodShare โ€‰โ„น๏ธŽ

ย โคšHollywood, CaliforniaโŸถ M๐Ÿ™city๐Ÿงนvolunteering๐ŸšŒ from โ‚ฌshared only

PodShare โ€‰โ„น๏ธŽ

ย โคšdowntown Los Angeles, CaliforniaโŸถ M๐Ÿ™city๐ŸšŒtransit๐Ÿงน from โ‚ฌshared only

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