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Hub House

 ⤚scouting, France⟶ Mstartup⚛️purposeful🤝cooperative🧮coownership🧲hub🏡village from €shared only


 ⤚near Dharamshala, India⟶ S🏡village⚛️purposeful🧬impact🧲hub⌨️coworking📶🍽meals from €95

Swiss Escape

 ⤚Grimentz, Switzerland⟶ S🏡village🏘dispersed⛰mountains📶🎦👩‍💻workations🚌transit🚵‍♀️mtb from €450 in single (summer)


 ⤚Aljezur, Portugal⟶ S🏖coast👩‍💻workations🏄surf🏊pool🧘yoga from €enquire

Four Leaf Clover

 ⤚Bansko, Bulgaria⟶ XL🏨aparthotel🏡village👩‍💻workations🍹regular🚪studios⌨️workroom from €min 30 days in economy studio

Quinta da Quinhas

 ⤚near Viana do Castelo, Portugal⟶ XS🏡village🧲hub⌨️coworking🌷garden👩‍💻workations🏖beach from €shared only


 ⤚South Tenerife, Spain⟶ S🏡village⌨️workroom📶🎦⌨️desk🚪studios🏝island🏖coast from €enquire

Sedona Coliving

 ⤚Sedona, AZ, the USA⟶ XS🌲rural⛰mountains⌨️workroom⌨️desk🏊pool🍃terrace from €min 30 days

Frilingue • Hostel Petit Vélan

 ⤚near Martigny, Switzerland⟶ M🏕isolated🏡village🏨hostel👩‍💻workations⛰mountains🍽meals from €320 in double (low season only)

Frilingue • Hostel Petit Vélan

 ⤚near Martigny, Switzerland⟶ M🏕isolated🏡village👩‍💻workations⛰mountains🍽meals⛷ski from €320 in double (low season only)

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