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Cactus Tenerife

the Canary Islands, Spain 🇪🇸 and 1 other location        ✉️

since 2021, offering:

Our core value is to bring people together, offering a home-sharing concept where colivers connect through shared experiences. You will have the chance to share interests, values and create bonds with other people with similar mindsets.

Staying with us means diving into the awe-inspiring volcanic landscape right outside your doorstep; stunning vistas, dramatic volcanic terrain, and the kind of natural beauty that makes you stop and stare.

At our colivings, we're all about diving into the true Canarian experience. From getting to know local cuisine and traditions to truly understanding the Canary Islands' heritage. Stay with us and discover the real essence of these incredible islands.

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Very warm welcome, great atmosphere in the house, daily life is well organized, Maria & the volunteers are always there to support. There is enough space to work and relax, a lot of activities make it easy to connect with the other colivers. The house is located outside of the main tourist areas but has a great bus connection to the beach. My partner and me had an amazing time and can definitely recommend the place!
Cactus Coliving in Tenerife is a dream for remote workers. The beautiful, spacious house fosters a strong sense of community, making it a welcoming haven. The co-working spaces are ideal for productivity and a motivating atmosphere. The diverse range of organised activities adds an exciting dimension to daily life and connection. Family dinners are a delightful treat, creating a warm and familial atmosphere. Cactus Coliving is not just a place to stay; it's an immersive experience that combines work, relaxation, and vibrant social interactions in Tenerife—highly recommended for those seeking a unique and enriching experience.
Well I was hesitating to put 4 stars because next time I will book a single room, the community is really what makes such coliving a very much valuable experience ! We went out to the beach, on hikes, cooked together, did photoshoots, learn from each others and in the end made new friends. Also the property is so big you can walk around chill and move your ideas. I only regret the size of indoor kitchen and being so tired at the end of my stay. Maybe i was doing too much ahah. Thank you for managing this inspiring place Maria.
Had a great time in cactus community. Co-living and coworking with 15-20 other like minded people! The community trips on the island of Tenerife were awesome :) Internet is stable and good for working.
I absolutely loved my time at Cactus! I met incredible people, had spontaneous dance nights, many shared meals, hiking and beach adventures, and meaningful conversation with wonderful humans. The space is beautiful and highly conducive to community living. Maria, the host, works incredibly hard and it's lovely to see her family involved in the space. I'm grateful for all the souls I've connected with in my time there and hope to visit again!
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