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Rooral Benarrabá

in Andalusia, Spain 🇪🇸        ✉️

since May 2023, offering:

🚪‍ private roomsshared bathroom from 890/two-weeks €1380/month 🥈high ranking,  small coliving, 🏡 village, 🧚 community facilitation, 🏞 retreats, 🏷 package, 🛠 makerspace, 🛁 ensuites, 🧘 yoga, 🚶‍♂️ hiking, 🍃 terrace, 🧺 housekeeping, 📶 fibre, 🏘 dispersedaccommodations around village 📅 seasonalMay–Jun, Sept–Dec 🏊 poolvillage ⌨️ ergonomic coworkingat Centro de Innovación Social y Digital 📆 moving daysSundays 👫 couples+35% 🏋️ gymvillage 🚕 pickuparranged by taxi in Malaga region 🚍 busdaily line 107 Algeciras (70mins)–Ronda (station, 40mins) 💬 Wrong details?

Our experiences help you stay productive and live a balanced life closer to nature. It is where people from across the world gather, share ideas, and create lifelong connections and memories.

We offer rustic and well-equipped rural homes with private rooms for you to smoothly move-into and comfortably live in during your stay with Rooral.

All homes are part of the village and are 3 mins away walking from the coworking, nature and other facilities like the gym, restaurants or grocery shops. Welcome to pueblo life!

Not coliving as accommodations are dispersed, but community-oriented retreats with coworking.

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The work done by Rooral is truly remarkable. The village experience is one of a kind, and I cannot help but love it and Rooral. As I was leaving, I couldn't help but feel emotional. In just two weeks, it had become my second home. I felt more grounded, happy, energized, and thriving than ever before. I still find myself reflecting on the magic of the village and Rooral. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience to everyone.
Attending The Break program in October 2023, I had an amazing experience of living and working in Rooral area of Spain. Imagine little village surronded by nature, slowly mornings, working on your project with a lot of support - that was just what I got, and what I needed. The result was personal transformation connecting with myself at a deeper level, while I was developing my project. I'm deeply grateful for all the support and, of course, to lovely hosts who took care of us!
It has been truly transformational! I connected much more to my personal development than I previously imagined. I believe long-term foundations have been planted as seeds here. The power of community support and sharing spirit of our individual talents was amazing. Thank you for hosting us this impact-fully and seeing us for who we truly are. Time to come back soon
It's been a year since i experienced the Rooral coliving. I'm still in touch with some of the people I met, which is a great testament to the community Juan, Cat, Tomas, Natalia and all the other facilitators were able to create. There was structure without it being rigid. So much integration and opportunity to mix with the locals in a fun and natural way. There was a huge variety of things to do. Despite having been to Spain I think at least 5 times before; I have finally experienced the real Spain. Benarraba was a gorgeous hidden gem. Tucked away in the mountains ⛰️. If you're spiritual, you will definitely feel a connection to your higher self.
Thank you for an incredibly life-changing experience! Living in the rural area reignited my childhood connection to nature. It helped me relax, reconnect with my emotions, and find courage. Engaging with the local community was eye-opening, unlike our usual online interactions. And waking up to coffee amidst the hills was pure bliss. Grateful for every moment!
I spent last October in rural Spain, in Oliete, where I, along with 17 other female entrepreneurs from the EU, was part of The Break program for female led small businesses with Rooral as our host. I came to Spain openminded and my experience of co-living and co-working was very positive. Rooral, as our host, created the perfect environment for productivity and collaboration. They fostered a strong sense of community, providing us with the support and inspiration needed to thrive both personally and professionally. We got to meet the locals and share our experiences with them. Joining the Rooral family in Oliete has been an unforgettable journey on which work, life and adventure intertwined, creating memories that will last a lifetime. I strongly support Rooral’s efforts to revive rural areas and I strongly recommend Rooral as host organization. I hope I will cooperate with them in the future!
My experience of co-living and co-working with Rooral in Spain strated as a part of the EU program - the Break fellowship, focusing on accelerating the projects of women entrepreneurs across the EU and connecting to the rural world. From the first time we met virtually when we met Juan and Cat, to meeting in person with Tomas who facilitated the whole experience, the Rooral team made us feel at home and belong. We had daily activities that created trust between the group, that made us build capacity within us to deal with the daily stress and to open the path to healing. We were immersed in the local village, meeting the locals and experiencing a simple life we (the world) almost forgot about. Being connected with the land and nature, moving daily and exploring the surrounding, made us connected to ourselves. Cat and Juan are doing an amazing job, they have a fantastic approach to creating a bridge between the urban and rooral worlds, and fight the climate change with great local activities and projects. I will definitely want to return for another experience to keep growing as a person and to keep nurturing myself from inside. I reccommend everyone to have this rural experience with the whole Rooral team and most importantly - to trust the process.
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