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Move-in and move-out are on fixed days, e.g. only Saturdays or the 1st.

I'm looking to stay in that's

Somewhere Different

 ‚Egypt⟢ S🏬townπŸ‘©β€πŸ’»workations🀸activities🦺volunteeringπŸ€”workroom🌞toasty from €190; Sundays

Somewhere Different

 ‚England, United Kingdom⟢ S🏬townπŸ“ΆβŒ¨οΈworkspacesπŸ‘©β€πŸ’»workations🦺volunteeringπŸ›ensuites🚌transit from €200; Sundays

Alma Libre

 ‚France⟢ S🏑village🧺housekeeping🍻engagedπŸ–coastπŸ„surfπŸ–beach from €min 30 days; 1st of month

Banana House

 ‚Madeira, Portugal⟢ S🏑villageπŸ€”workroomπŸƒterrace🏝islandπŸ–coast🧺housekeeping from €enquire; 1st

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