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The Babel Community Vieux Port

Marseille in France 🇫🇷 and 3 other locations      ✉️

since 2021, offering:

🚪‍ private roomsfrom 735/month 🛖  studios  coliving complex, 🏙 city, 🏖 coastal, 🧲 hub, 🎪 regular events, 📶 fibre, 🚌 transit, 🏋️ gym, 🛁 ensuites, 🍽 mealsrestaurant/bar 📝 application€149, €800 deposit; ID and proof of income 📆 moving days1st monthly ⌨️ ergonomic coworking+€100/month (discounted) 🚫 exclusionsbedding extra charge; city tax 🏘 dispersedflat-shares of 5–9 ensuites in serviced building, limited common spaces outside apartments 💬 Wrong details?

Hybrid coliving and coworking residences — places where you can live, work, eat, play sports and (above all) meet!

Comprises 168 apartments and studios.

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Rooms are very clean. The staff is amazing and very friendly. Perfect location. I recommend and will come back
Great experience. I had a fantastic experience with the Babel community. Abdi Salam, one of the staff members, was incredibly welcoming and helpful. The staff's hospitality, combined with the inclusive and engaging community, made my time enjoyable and memorable. I highly recommend Babel 🌟 Clean 👍 Location 👍 😎
A Bit More Structure Needed! I recently had the opportunity to use the coworking space at The Babel Community in Marseille. While the concept of a community for living, working, and interacting is admirable, I was somewhat disappointed with my experience. One issue was the open space design. The kitchen is situated in the middle of the coworking space, which results in a constantly noisy environment. This made it difficult for me to focus on my work. I believe a different layout or some form of soundproofing would greatly improve the working conditions. In addition, there seems to be a lack of respect for personal space. I stepped away for a brief 30-minute lunch and returned to find that someone had removed my computer and taken over my workspace to eat their lunch. This was quite inconvenient and surprising, as I had expected a professional environment where personal space is respected. Another problem was the temperature. It was uncomfortably hot due to the air conditioning not working properly. This made the workspace less conducive for work, and it would be beneficial if the management could ensure the climate control is functioning optimally at all times. Although my experience at The Babel Community Marseille République was not as positive as I had hoped, I would like to mention that I've heard better things about their other location in Marseille. I look forward to trying out their coworking space in the future, and I hope that they take into account the feedback from their patrons to continuously improve their services​
An amazing experience at The Babel Community Marseille Vieux Port. Great location, perfect equipments and most important of all a fantastic and lovey staff, especially Apolline who took great care of us. We felt like we were on presidential visit !!!!!!
For a transition like mine, just arriving new in town not knowing anyone, this place has been just perfect. The staff is really friendly and available for any advice or question. A home right in the middle of town is more than welcoming. The appartements are clean and functional for a short or long stay. I am staying 3 months and appreciated it overall. As one year after its opening, it still has things to clear or correct after renovation, but that is ongoing. The meals during the week are delicious and I am also doing sports here.
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