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Feÿtopia Château du Feÿ

near Auxerre in Yonne, France 🇫🇷      ✉️

since 2020, offering:

🚪‍27 private rooms from €580/fortnight €990/month  large coliving, 🌲 rural, 🎪 self-organising, ⚛️ purposeful, 🤔 workroom, ⛲️ big garden, 🛁 ensuites, 📶 fibre, 🧑‍🎨 arts, 🚕 pickup, 🧐 curated interview 📆 moving days Monday arrivals, Sunday departures 📅 seasonal Jan–Apr 🍽 meals €600/month 🚉 trains Saint-Julien-du-Sault (Montereau–Laroche/Auxerre/Clamecy), 35mins walk 💬 Wrong details?

Feÿtopia is a collective of artists, entrepreneurs, activists, academics and technologists, drawn together by our desire to experiment with the way we live, work and play.

Everyone who joins contributes in different ways to help co-create the experience. We have weekly house meetings to make decisions together, we all contribute to cooking and cleaning shifts in the kitchen, and help plan group activities among ourselves.

Most of us work full time, co-work and occasionally collaborate on projects. You can expect forest walks to get to know new friends, late night philosophy salons, daily group workouts, live jams and immersive experiences - honestly depending on who is present in the community at any given time, the energy and activities may vary. Presence and participation are key to making the most out your experience.

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BOOKING We booked the Chateau in 2020 after the pandemic started - we didn’t get to visit the venue but the owner, Jessica was sweet, super helpful and did a full zoom tour for us. Shannon shared all the important details with us. Because of Covid we had to postpone the wedding, but the team was very supportive, and we pinned down the most fantastic and fun days of our life. ARRIVAL We were excited to see the Chateau for the very first time, appearing on top of the hill surrounded by forest as we entered Villecien. As we continued, the roads became narrower and after the last turn there was a beautiful long road leading up to the Chateau lined by trees with the familiar gate at the end. After arrival we got quickly acquainted with the team. Rooms in the cottage and the farmhouse have a crisp, modern, rustic charm. The rooms located directly in the Chateau are romantic, full of character and history, which made our wedding just what we imagined - warm and homelike. Our room, Ninon de L'Enclos was perfect and romantic - it was truly spacious and offered all the privacy we needed as it’s hidden on the ground floor. WELCOME DINNER-In the garden alley next to oak trees The venue was beautifully prepared - The Alley is lined by trees connected with hanging warm lightbulbs, which we made use of combining with our lanterns. The sunset light was shining though the canopy of the trees and created a magically relaxed atmosphere. It was all we needed for our colourful welcome. WEDDING DAY Breakfast & Brunch-Salon West The indoor spaces were used seldom but we were so happy that we got to spend time in them. The Salon’s windows, wooden floors and the antique mirror above the fireplace made this part of the day feel special. Guests relaxed and chatted the time away at the pool at the backyard of the Chateau. Ceremony-The Oak Trees These trees were one of the reasons we booked the Chateau - we just simply couldn’t see ourselves getting married anywhere else. Besides that, the trees are impressive, they give a sense of calm, being grounded and present. Reception-Terrace next to the pool Right after the ceremony it was so natural to lead the way to the terrace through the little arch connecting the Oak trees to the lawn of the terrace - while drinks and exquisite canapés were served. Wedding Dinner & Party-Around the fountain We had our sweetheart table right in front of the Chateau and its clock, which made a perfect background. There were hydrangeas planted naturally already at the entrance, which fitted in with our theme of colourful flowers and made the setting even more spectacular. The band and the stage were just in front of the Tower, which also served as a great backdrop. With the sunset the mood of this area changed perfectly with the itinerary. FAREWELL BRUNCH-The pool There is this wonderful statue that just worked so well with the bar setup next to the pool. This is where we noticed the view and it was an epic ending remembering the road to Chateau as this was the exact side we saw when we were arriving. This experience wouldn’t be the same at a different place. Chateau is unconventional and has more than just its looks. OVERALL EXPERIENCE The bottom line is the absolute privacy of the Chateau and its sustainable setup. In addition, it’s well maintained with lots of authentic features including the furniture and decor. We recommend it easily to any couple. Chateau du Fey was everything we wanted for our wedding and even more. We wanted a perfect blend of formal but warm, romantic but not cheesy, historical but modern and an undeniably great party! Therefore, it was a perfect canvas and our wedding team really helped to elevate it to what we had in mind. The feedback from our guests was overwhelmingly positive and majority of them mentioned that the whole area had a lot to offer. They were never bored - always amazed, exploring its beautiful grounds. We hope to return one day to celebrate our anniversary, throw another unforgettable celebration and we look forward to seeing Jessica and her team again! E&J
We went there for the birthday week of a dear friend of ours. It is such a special place. Delicious food with the freshest produce. Loveliest, caring and warm host and service. Stimulating for both intellect and senses. Chateau du Fey is a place that changes people for the better, we experienced and learned about art through the sonic sphere, about the earth through their beautiful garden and potager, wine and cheese through a great workshop..etc... We loved it and already miss it.
Chateau du Fey is nothing short of a fairytale venue that made our wedding an unforgettable and magical weekend. Having our closest friends and family stay with us at the chateau was a dream come true in itself. The intimate atmosphere and the stunning backdrop of the chateau made every moment truly magical. There's something truly special about having everyone you love in one place, and Chateau du Fey provided the perfect setting for our celebration. But what truly made our wedding day seamless was Carla, our dedicated day-of coordinator. Planning a wedding while living abroad in the US is a daunting task, but Carla went above and beyond to make it all possible. Her attention to detail, creative flair, and tireless commitment ensured that every aspect of our wedding was meticulously planned and executed. Her quick responses and thoughtful guidance turned what could have been a stressful experience into a joyous journey of planning and anticipation. Our wedding weekend at Chateau du Fey will forever remain etched in our hearts as a fairytale dream come true. We are grateful to Chateau du Fey for providing us with such breathtaking beauty and to Carla for her unwavering dedication. If you're looking for a venue that feels straight out of a fairytale and a coordinator who goes the extra mile to make your dreams a reality, look no further. We will forever treasure the memories created in this fairytale venue.
We had a retreat with 45 of the UK’s best entrepreneurs and we were all blown away. Absolutely incredible location (rustic, beautiful and homely Chateau) and the team was amazing with us. They really think and care about the experience and they’re unbelievably lovely - you can’t ask for anything more!
This is honestly a magical place to visit. Jess and the team have built an incredible experience that is full of enjoyable and unforgettable moments. From forest bathing in gorgeous countryside to sauna in the woods, strolling through the labyrinth and gardens to music in the salon and drinks by the fountain under a double rainbow, you wont regret visiting this wonderfully renovated chateau!
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