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 ⤚the Himalayas, India S🏡village🧬impact🧲hub⌨️coworking📶🍽mealsmountains from €190


 ⤚Germany M🌲rural🧲hub📶⌨️workspaces⛲️big-garden👩‍💻workations🛠makerspace from €740 in single

Sun and Co

 ⤚Costa Blanca, Spain S🏬town🧙magical👩‍💻workations📅seasonal🏖coast📶🤔workroom from €700


 ⤚Spain S🏬town🏖beach📶🎦⌨️coworking🍃terrace🚺women-led🏋️gym from €490

Palma Coliving
• Casa Perfecto

 ⤚Spain XS🏙city👩‍💻workations🧐curated📶🏖coast🎦🛁ensuites🚌transit from €min 30 days


 ⤚Bali, Indonesia M🌲rural🏝island🍽meals🍃terrace🌷garden👩‍💻workations from €210 in ensuite double

Mokrin House

 ⤚Serbia L🧲hub🏡village📶⌨️coworking👩‍💻workations⚜️premium🍽meals from €1360 in single ensuite

Nomad Coliving

 ⤚Canada S🏙city🧐curated🍻engaged🌷garden🤔workroom🎦📶🚌transit from €min 30 days; max 180 days in single


 ⤚Spain S🏙city🧬impact🏁programmes⌨️workspaces🏖beach📶🏖coast from €min 30 days


 ⤚multiple locations, Lforming🌲rural🏞retreats👩‍💻workations🧘‍♀️wellness🏁programmes from €shared only

Draper Startup House

 ⤚India M🏙city🧲hub⌨️workspaces🍃terrace from €280

Draper Startup House

 ⤚Thailand M🏙city🧲hub🍃terrace⌨️workspaces from €enquire

Draper Startup House

 ⤚Philippines M🏙city🧲hub⌨️workspaces🐕pet-friendly🚌transit from €560

Draper Startup House

 ⤚Bali, Indonesia M🏡village🧲hub🌷garden🍽meals⌨️desk🎦🏝island from €180 in mezzanine ensuite

Draper Startup House

 ⤚Estonia M🏙city🧲hub⌨️workspaces🏖coast from €490 in single

Draper Startup House

 ⤚Argentina M🏙city🧲hub🍃terrace⌨️workspaces from €740

Draper Startup House

 ⤚TX, USA S🏙city🏁programmes🤔workroom🏊pool🍃terrace from €min 30 days

Draper Startup House

 ⤚Portugal M🏙city🧲hub⌨️workspaces⌨️desk🛁ensuites from €enquire

Soul Kitchen

 ⤚Russia M🏙city🧐curated🏨hostel🥃occasional🧺housekeeping👨‍👩‍👧families from €450


 ⤚Spain S🏙city🏖coast⌨️coworking🍹regular🛁ensuites📶🏘dispersed from €min 30 days

Noma Village

 ⤚Algarve, Portugal XS🏖beach🏬town👩‍💻workations🧐curated🥃occasional🤔workroom from €625

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