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Chateau Chapiteau near Gurjaani

Georgia 🇬🇪  ·          ✉️

 large 🐿 membership 🌲 rural  mountains 🦺 volunteering 🧮 coownership goal to become diverse resort; ~€4k/mo/share 👯‍♂️‍ shared Circus tent (private) from €250/fortnight 🚪‍ private A-frame from €415/fortnight

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My favourite place in Kaheti. If u want to live somedays in cool community, with amazing forest, river, georgian village and love, u should go in Chapiteau! Really tasty organic food and kind people also here
We've spent our weekends at your camp, and it was wonderful! We haven't had a vacation for a long time since Covid started, then our child was born, then that horrifying war started, then... We decided to spend a few days at yours and we didn't expect much, to be honest :) But were surprised and we really chilled there! Every detail in the little shed where we stayed was wisely chosen. For example, I found a book I used to read when I was a child in there! And that incredible forest around. I saw different birds there, and I found an amusing big bug. So we had a lot of good there. Thank you, team, for all of that and for the real rest.
I had the most dreamlike 🌼🐍✨ litter picking experience here !! (2021) Swimming trough the river with full bag of trash, having no more place for yet another lost shoe, on the shore forgot how heavy it will be. 😬 ✨ This place is a dream state and its inhabitants are from another century (in a'very'good way). ✨ The cutest chicken tractor my eyes have seen!
One of the best place for hookah definitely recommended
An incredible place built by incredible people.

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