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Chateau Chapiteau near Gurjaani

Georgia🇬🇪  ·  

from @svetleo
from @levitskayas clown glamping + slow living retreat + eco farm + dog shelter + aspiring circus 🎪🎈🎺🐶🤍
from @yulia.soloshenko @chateauchapiteau
from @vikasupergood @vanmeetin сидит в своём шато @chateauchapiteau 🥸 (не виделись где-то 3 года, удивительно)
I’m extremely familiar with the scenario of cardinal picture changing. My expectations were formed by previous experience, and they were like this: at first you are in a blue mood. It’s insufferable afterwards because everything is new. Even if some of this is cool — here you have mountains and, damn green forest with birds, — the rest is uncertain and unknown. Please look through the photos to read more. 2nd post-story written by our guest @lobanovskaya Мне знаком сценарий кардинальной смены картинки, так что ожидания были сформированы прежним опытом, и они были такие: первое время тебе паршиво. Невыносимо просто. Потому что всё по-новому, и даже если что-то из этого нового круто — вот тебе горы и, блин, зеленый лес с птицами, то остальное сложно. Пожалуйста, пролистайте фото в карусели для продолжения текста.
Hey! It’s Chateau Chapiteau Instagram — and from now on this place is telling its story through the guests. My name is Ira Lobanovskaya, I’ve lived in Moscow for the last 8 months. Before, I’d spent about 2 years in California and New York City. I’d been in Brazil and Mexico for a quarter of a year. Last but not least — I took a few weeks trip in the jungle of Peru, went to Nepal for a month and quickly caught a glimpse of Europe, because, to be honest, it’s boring. Please look through the photos to read more. Photo by @vibashilova Привет! Это инстаграм “Шато Шапито”, и теперь это место будет рассказывать про себя через своих гостей. Меня зовут Ира Лобановская, я живу в Москве. Хотя, правильнее сказать, что я прилетела в Грузию из Москвы, где была 8 месяцев, а до этого провела около двух лет в Калифорнии и Нью Йорке. До этого по четверти года в Бразилии и Мексике. Гоняла на пару недель в джунгли Перу, на месяц в Непал и совсем коротко в Европу, потому что скучно. Пожалуйста, пролистайте фото в карусели для продолжения текста.
The kingdom is looking for a construction coordinator! We survived this year and ready to start mass construction. We plan to build 60 houses, a restaurant, a coworking, workshops, two event spaces and many other things. You will proudly tell that you’ve built the whole kingdom. The place where friends, children and so on will come forever. This project will shine to the whole world and will influence thousands similar places across the universe! You would need to have an experience in organising construction with multiple ongoing projects, deal with a few contractors at the same time, and to form a construction team. It’s important to have engineering skills and autocad knowledge. Together we’ll decide if we need to create our own construction company or deal with local contractors. Sympathy to eco construction is also important (but not too radical). Good english is needed. We are situated in the Republic of Georgia, you will have to move here. Though there is a salary, it’s more a partnership, you will become a co-owner of the whole project and will ripe the benefits from your actions in the future, receiving part of the room fund of the hotel that you’ve built. It will be rented out and you will make an income forever. We already have a big construction warehouse in which parts of the buildings could be assembled and then installed on the spot. We already have couple of team members involved in the construction and few local workers. We know local market and have connection with some contractors. We have great architects of the whole projects, and amazing architects of individual building. Masterplan is also ready. 60 houses include little cabins, treehouses and big family cottages. Please help us find this person! Spread the news. For the good recommendation you can get a tree and one eternal day for free. You can find an email on our website, link in the bio.
A very strange obelisk has been found on our land this morning. We don’t know where it’s from and how it appeared there overnight. There was a lightning with mysterious sound past midnight. The only thing that is for sure is that it’s shape reminds the one that appeared some time ago in USA...

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This is something unreal. I have never seen anything like it.
We came here for 2 days with friends. Top place! Delicious food, perfect views, hospitable hosts
We will definitely come here again! Incredible place

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