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Summers are made for swimming in the lakes and if you add some lovely glacier view on top of it, pure perfection! ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' #coliving #remoteworking #coworkingspace #escapethecity #laptoplifestyle #mountainadventures #hiking #digitalnomadlife #startup #remoteteam #productivity #smartworking #digitalnomade #alps
Cloud Citadel, where friends and marshmallows get toasted at the same time. 😀 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' #camping #coworking #summerinthemountains #alps #mountainlake #remotejob #workation #laptoplifestyle #teletravail #nomads #colivingcommunity
You will for sure find everything you need in this kitchen. We made sure to satisfied the needs of even the most skilled chefs out there and have enough for even the biggest family dinners. √ 3 stoves √ 3 ovens √ dishwasher √ 2 sinks √ 2 big fridges √ kitchen appliances ( blenders, processor, mixer) ... and many more. ' ' We kept upgrading it and making sure we have everything needed( I think that mission came to an end with the final purchase of a cocktail shaker). 😉 ' The summer seasons starts on 12 the of June so it's an ideal time to book your spot for this summer, still spots available. See you soon! ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' #coliving #locationindependent #kitchendecor #digitalnomads #workspace #workation #smartwork #interiordesign #colivingcommunity
Standing desk with a view in one of our private rooms with double bed. Perfect for #officewithaview and #viewfromtheoffice hashtags 😀 Book your spot for this summer! ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' #startuplife #officegoals #changeyourmindset #officeoftheday #workspace #workandtravel #laptoplifestyle #slowtravel #digitalnomads #solopreneur #coliving #nomads #remoteteam #mountain #activelifestyle
from @bluefreckle This is not a cult.
from @wereonthemove Our favourite activities in Cloud Citadel were our traditional lunch hikes! We're gonna miss them very much 😭
from @timintheworld_ Last week at @cloudcitadel_coliving was pretty awesome! This place is so cozy and inspiring, there’s such a good balance between work & fun there... Which is what we should all aim for: having fun at work and working while having fun! 🤩 Here again I met really cool and, above all, happy people! People who also understood that life isn’t something we should only enjoy during the week-ends... but 7 days a week! ✨ See you next time @cloudcitadel_coliving 👋😍
from @timintheworld_ First day at @cloudcitadel_coliving ✨ Getting ready to spend a few days in this super-friendly Coliving/Coworking space in the mountains of French Alps... starting with some drinks and a yummy Tartiflette 🧀🍷🍻

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· Cloud Citadel was my first experience in coliving and it worth it. There is not so much opportunity in life to be part of a community but here in Cloud Citadel, this is the case. There is enough space for everybody: you will have the opportunity for example to animate a “share skill”, to propose an activity… People are open-minded and respectful. During my stay, we did yoga, cross-fit, circus workshop The house is really well renovated: there is sun everywhere. Kitchen is big, co-working space really nice… The area as well is perfect: lot of outdoor activities: climbing, hiking, skiing. I have seen places really beautiful (lake, mountains, valley) really close from the house. In a nutshell, I felt at home quickly, I built strong relationship with people I met there, and I did so much cool things! It was an incredible experience. Don’t hesitate and book now, you won’t regret 😊
· Cloud Citadel has been my first co-living experience and it was a blast! In 2 months I met so many bright and cool people from around the world. We had a lot of fun between mountain activities and parties, while living and working in a beautiful house with stunning view! Work-life balance at its best.
· During my time at the Cloud-citadel, I've met incredible people. We were living as a family and even if I'm not living with them anymore, we are still in contact and see each other. I highly recommend this place for anyone who enjoys co-living experience , french alps and adventure sports.
· This community is absolutely incredible! The hosts are wonderful people who will make you feel right at home and welcome. They go way above and beyond to be helpful in any way they can and to share cool experiences in the surrounding mountains with their guests. This place draws interesting people who are hard-working and have a passion for the outdoors. I hope to visit again!
· I had time of my life in Cloud Citadel, it was a good combination of remote working , outdoor sports and activities, as well as parties and friends time !!!

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