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🚪‍16 private roomsdouble (shared bath) from 725/month (long-stay) 🥇top ranking,  mid-size coliving, 🏙 city, ⚛️ purposeful, 🎪 self-organising, 🌷 garden, 🤔 workroom, 🎦 callroom, ⌨️ bedroom desk, 📶 fibre, 🚌 transit, 🚺 women-led, 🖇️ Coliving Hub member, 🧐 curatedby committee; high-demand with rare-openings 💬 Wrong details?

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I had an amazing experience living in Noco this summer. There are several reasons why I would rate it five stars: 1. The location is incredibly convenient, situated right downtown and five minutes walking away from the subway station. This made getting around the city a breeze and allowed me to explore easily. 2. The people here are exceptionally warm and welcoming. It felt like a true sense of community. 3. One thing that made my stay even better was the well-equipped kitchen. Having access to all the necessary kitchen supplies made cooking and preparing meals a joy. The coffee machine, in particular, was a lifesaver for me every morning, ensuring I started my day on the right foot. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better experience this summer. I highly recommend this coliving space to anyone looking for a comfortable and welcoming place to stay. It truly made my time here memorable.
The best place ever! I have so much to say. I can continue talking about NoCo (Nomad Coliving) for hours. But the main thing that you should know is that Maria (the owner) not just successfully run the place, she also created a community of great people from around the world, and they support each other like a family. It's all about the people. I'm from Ukraine, and I come here during the war. Very few of you, who read this review understand how hard it could be. NoCo become a family and home for me. I love this place.
I moved to Montreal a few months ago for work and I’ve been staying here and it’s really been the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve made a big group of friends, enjoyed the city, have had incredible moments and never felt alone. The NoCo community is my new family in Montreal.
It was my first coliving experience and it was amazing! Maria really cares about making a true community, and the place is perfect for both working and living! It has a big office if you want to work there, or you can also work at your room, since every room has its own desk. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need and more. It has a big garden for chilling in summer/spring, and the house is very warm in autumn/winter. There's a community group were you can organize activities and that makes the experience very fun because you get to do a lot of things an meet a lot of new friends! Also, the house is very near a metro station and Bixi stations, so is very easy to move around the city. If you want to have a great time in Montreal, you'll be staying one month or more and you enjoy being part of a community, I would really recommend Nomad Coliving
I had heard once that, "Friends and neighbours are the new family of the 21st century" . My time at Nomad Coliving has made me believe it. It's been the best experience of my time in Montreal. The space attracts people who have been enjoyable, like-minded, ambitious and caring company to have, especially during the times of a pandemic . You can brainstorm ideas, bounce your startup strategies in a very intelligent and resourceful environment. Beyond the essence of great community, the space has a great kitchen with a focus on hygiene and cleanliness at all time. The rooms are cosy and it's very easy to make your room your own. Francois and Maria ensure every requirement is met, with a smile. Most time together is always filled with the sound of laughter amidst the focussed professional work that everyone at the house is involved with. Much love to the NoCo family. Will always be a lifelong supporter of the space and the people running and inhabiting it, regardless of where I am in the world :)
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