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Hub53 Chiang Mai

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Good thing? They responded quite quick via Messenger. I rent a private office - medium size for 9 hours (9am - 6pm). The receptionist was not there when I arrived, and the cleaning lady opened the door for me. The receptionist supposed to find me a monitor to work that day, but she arrived at 9:15am and messaged me she was available(not come to me)... Anyway, I went to check the monitors with her, their monitors are super old like 20 years old model, still I managed to pick one but then she couldn't find a cable (the monitor cannot take HDMI directly, see how old it is).... I was a bit off because I had Zoom at 9:30am, I could only skip the monitor and rush back to the room for Zoom. Be fair, the receptionist did tell me their monitors are old when I asked to rent the day before, I just didn't know people would still keep a collection of 20 inch monitors nowadays. What push me off, is they didn't find the cable in advance, even I told her I needed to rent one. The worst part - the room! It was actually not in the core facility, if you want to go to washroom or get some water, you would need to go out to the main road and go back in with the main door, and go upstairs... The room itself? Even I turned on the air conditioner, and their air purifier, the air circulation was so bad, you would feel suffocating there. After the zoom meeting, I decided to take a early lunch at 11am, and I came back to Hub53 before 1pm to return the room key and left for good! Luckily I only booked for a day, not the entire week/month.
My favorite co-working to work from in Chiang Mai. Fast internet with 24/7 access, also private lockers available. There are a few Skype rooms you can use for private calls, a shared kitchen with coffee machine and filtered water and even a nap room to relax in. Location is good with some food stands and 7 11 nearby. Also they have the Hubster which serves smoothies and salads and you can even order and get directly to your sit! I got a monthly package combined with Chiang Mai Holistic which is 1 minute walking distance and have daily Yoga and fitness lessons. Great combination between health and work. Highly recommend that package.
I rented a room for a week here and everything was great. Nice facilities, upstairs and downstairs kitchen with free coffee. Private Skype rooms and all the staff were really nice and friendly. They hold weekly events here so I would definitely recommend to a friend.
My teaching at Chiang Mai University brought me to Hub 53 for a nearly 40 day stay this past June and July. I booked in when I got to town--knowing the the best deals are cut in person and after an inspection-- but Natika the proprietor had oriented me to my options a day or two ahead of time, so booking and move-in took about 20 minutes. Location is right between Maya Mall, Chiang Mai Univeristy (buildings, cafeterias, and pool), and the ever-popular Nimmann tourist area. Hub 53 is, with one exception, the closest lodging to the North Chiang Mai Univeristy Campus. Maya has shops and tons of good food, and Nimmann is even better for food and nightlife, so you can dine on different dishes and restaurants every night. Mobike, Grab ride share, and taxis are easily accessible in front of Hub 53; and the Zoo, Wat doi Suthep, and other top-end wats are close; downtown Chiang Mai is 12 minutes by Grab (60 bhat). And you are gloriously out of the epicenter of tourist dense-pack. Rooms are spotless, up to date, modern fixtures, and generous in size, with basic amenities, including wifi and cable TV. My room, in the next door annex and off the main drag, was quiet, spotless, and with weekly maid service, private bath with great water supply. A 7-11, ATM, pharmacy, superb coffee stop, and Japanese and Italian restaurants run by a woman from Kobe and a guy from Umbria are all close by. Hub 53 provides laundry service for $1.25 US/load with drying. You also get unlimited access to both internet in rooms and in the public coworking spaces: large public rooms with tables, Aircon, great internet, a Skype room, downstairs kitchen for meal prep and tea and coffee, and a place to park cars and mopeds. This is a somewhat quirky place. The front end staff is fluent in English and Thai, and probably other languages. Everyone behind the desk seemed really smart and well connected. The woman who runs this operation--Natika--is the best source of knowledge about the town, culture, entrepreneur opportunities, and job connections the that you will find anywhere--and her advice on restaurants is great. She and her proteges are your best friends in town. The clientele of the public spaces and many of the rooms are an odd assortments of what today pass for "digital nomads" but in past times would have been the odd castouts that found their way into the French Foreign Legion or the back pages of a Mitchener novel of youth in search of adventure, self-creation, drugs, and healing. Just my group of people! They are all hard working and come to this place with work in mind. The place is open 24/7, so great office surroundings for work on school projects, lectures, and powerpoint presentations. When your equipment breaks or you need an adapter, the Hub53 folks are here to help; help with get reservations, set up conferences, allow you to meet with clients, etc. This is what coworking space is about. Costs are quite reasonable in Chiang Mai for lodging and food, and I thought for the $$, Hub 53 was as good as it gets. Why spend a fortune for a room and amenities, when you can do it for less than $10 US per day? Who should think about staying here? f you need work space, this is the place. I you want to meet some local folks who have a life other than just being tourist facilitators, then come to Hub 53. And if you are independent minded but like adventure and have some standards about where to stay, but could be happy being just a few minutes away from the tourist hordes, this is the place. Security is exceptional, with card and fingerprint entry, and a 24/7 security guard and locked doors Finally, if you are looking for work in Chiang Mai, Natika is your person to talk to. In addition to facilitating nomads seeking an environment where they can ply their trade, she has leads for employment hookups, a help wanted board, and training classes for eager and energetic Farang who want to make some money to extend their stay in South East Asia. You won't get that at the Mercure, Meridien, Movenpick, or the Shangri La.
Definitely recommend this for other digital nomads! I chose to stay at Hub53 because I wanted to meet like-minded individuals who were in town for both work and play. Everyone is very collaborative and there's a great balance between the privacy and socializing vs a hostel where the environment is typically more party-oriented. It makes a huge difference when you are surrounded by others who are hustling and also know how to take a break and check out the city :)
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