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Moritsgarden the far north

in Norway 🇳🇴        ✉️

since April 2023, offering:

🚪‍7 private rooms single from €420/fortnight €700/month  small coliving, 🌲 rural, ⛰️ mountains, ⚛️ purposeful, 👩‍💻 workations, 🤔 workroom, 🎪 occasional events, 📶 fibre, 🖥️ monitors, ⌨️ bedroom desk, 🛶 kayaking, 🚶‍♂️ hiking, 🚺 women-led, 🦺 volunteering, ⛺️ camping tipi €22/day 🚐 vanlife €12/day 🚍 bus 351 at door, stop Skolerute Bjørkedal, from Nordfjordeid 👫 couples +€200/month 🛒 shops trip out twice a week 💬 Wrong details?

A place for Digital Nomads who appreciate spectacular nature. 1000 years of history and culture still alive. A large farmhouse dating back to 1608 and good vibes.

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