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I'm looking to stay in that's


 ⤚Germany M🌲rural⚛️purposeful🧲hub📶⌨️workspaces⛲️big-garden👩‍💻workations from €740 in single


 ⤚Portugal S🌲rural⛺️camping🧬impact🤝association🌤mild from €shared onlycamping only

Château Coliving

 ⤚France M🌲rural⛲️big-garden👩‍💻workations⌨️coworking🛁ensuites🍽meals from €700 in budget room (summer); At the Château de l'Isle Marie, a French manor house—with turrets of course! 20% discount Nov–Mar.

Work Remotely Croatia
• The Valley

 ⤚Croatia XL📅seasonal🏨resort🏬town🚪studios🏖coast🛁ensuites from €360 in double in 3-bed unit; from €89/week

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