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🇵🇹 @ele.zissou is drawing a map of Sende Portugal on the top of the workbench. Will use this map to build a maquette of all spaces on the property which will help us organize future spaces better.
🇵🇹 Storks never cease to amaze us. They build their nests on abandoned houses, on trees and churches. City councils often hire teams with special tools and elevators to remove their nests because they become so heavy for roofs. The photos were take near Sende Portugal.
🇵🇹 We want to build a huge outdoor coworking space in Sende Portugal that moves with the sun and shade 🌞🌒. Challenge is to find balance of sun and shade so you can actually use your screen 👩🏽‍💻 while being warm. We will publish or our plans online so you can participate and design it with us (in other words, we need your help to build it smarter). On the photo: This morning office desk.
🌳 Tree meetings. New blog post on

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