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Anceu near Vigo

Galicia, Spain 🇪🇸  ·        ✉️

A glimpse of how rain it feels in Galicia, where about half of the days of the year are days with precipitation, but they are so beautiful. Here are seven great reasons why rain is a beneficial, positive force. 1. Rain makes things grow. Nature, nurture, and water goes hand in hand. 2. Rain inspires creativity. Think of a “brainstorm” – great ideas often come during a downpour. 3. Rain encourages fun. Life wouldn’t be the same without puddles to splash in. 4. Rain brings us together. A storm is a perfect chance to get close to someone special. 5. Rain awakens us. Nature reminds us how strange and beautiful our planet is. 6. Rain teaches us how to dance. And when the sun returns, we’ll be better dancers than ever. 7. Rain brings rainbows. In the end, we see that the ultimate purpose of life is color and beauty. Step outside and try to use all five senses to experience it: see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, and feel it falling on your skin. #anceu #anceucoliving #anceucoworking #anceustories #coworkingcommunity #coworkinglife #communityliving #ruralcoliving #ruralcoworking #galiciaspain #pontevedraprovincia #pontecaldelas #digitalnomadlife #digitalcoworking #teletrabajo #coliving #coworkingspain #travelexperience #nomadiclife #workfromanywhere #workandtravel #buildingcommunity #shareexperiences #exploretheworld #traveleurope #spaintravel #digitalnomads #rvtravel
As Simone de Beauvoir used to say, cooking is revolution and creation. At Anceu every Monday we have the upcycling dinner. It consists of using all the leftovers to make a collaborative creative recipe. It is the moment when we also organize the dinner agenda for the rest of the week. We propose themes to motivate us and get to know each other. Each theme is different. It can be detox week, egg week, food color week, "important person for you" week... The next one will be the week of love 😍 #anceuvibe #ruralcoliving #ruralcolivingspace #ruralcoworking #ruralcoworkingspace #colivingspace #colivingspaces #rurallife #communityfirst
Last Sunday we visited again @mercadotiani . It is an incredible place founded by Nieves, 5 minutes away from Anceu. It is at the same time a book store, a second-hand market, a place to eat, and a cultural center where incredible things happen. For example, cinema sessions, concerts, or meetings to play chess. She invited us for a hot soup on a rainy day. We brought her a lot of things that can have another life thanks to her. Her next project is to build a chessboard with giant pieces made by a local craftsman. In this post you can see some pictures of our last visits (this time we totally forgot to make pictures, sorry ;) ) Then, we returned home because Granero was waiting for us. He cooked black rice with lime mayonnaise. We ate on the patio to celebrate that, after a rainy day, the sun came out again. #anceuvibe #ruralcoliving #ruralcolivingspace #ruralcoworking #ruralcoworkingspace #colivingspace #colivingspaces #rurallife #communityfirst #anceuvibe
Serendipity helps us to keep creating new ideas and projects. At Anceu we look for it by doing many other things that are different from our daily lives. We share with our colivers a list of those do-it-yourself tasks that can help build the home we want. #anceuvibe #ruralcoliving #ruralcolivingspace #ruralcoworking #ruralcoworkingspace #colivingspace #colivingspaces #rurallife #communityfirst

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Anceu was my first Coliving experience and it was the perfect spot for this. The people are truly amazing. Thank you Agustin for creating this beautiful space for us to connect, to work, to relax and to get inspired. The rooms are a true oasis and as soon as I arrived my energy level rose and my ideas started to fall into place. I can truly recommend Anceu to everyone looking for a Coliving with an amazing community vibe.
You know these times that words don't do justice? This is one of those times. Every one thing I could point to would not do justice to the experience that is living here. Don't come for the nice pool in summer. Don't come for the cozy fireplace in winter. Don't come for the cool pictures. Don't come for the beautiful forest. Don't come for the lovely dogs. Come for the community, for the connection with others. Come to share, be productive, be social yet have space if/when you need it. I'm coming back here, no question about it. Love the place, love the people.
Anceu is a truly magical place. I stayed here for a month (and I wish I stayed more) after the pandemic year full of anxiety and isolation, and it had a completely soothing and healing effect on me. I'm so grateful to all the wonderful people I've met and the moments we lived together. I've been very happy during this time and I'm looking forward to coming back one day. Thank you for creating this oasis of peace, this very special place in Galicia that feels like home
Anceu co-living is one of the best spots where you can go achieve a perfect balance between work and relaxation. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to work and spend some time in an enriching community vibe or simply have an extended work holiday. The place is perfect, in the middle of rural Galicia surrounded by an incredible nature. I was there the last two summers and I will repeat again.
Anceu now feels like my home; a place where your family is, where everything happens naturally and everyone can simply be as they are. I met so many interesting people (who work hard and play hard). This goes in the first place for the hosts who are great people - full of joy and inspiration, Agustin and África. You will enjoy the amazing nature, the comfy spaces and create memories for life.

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