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Karisma Barcelona

in Spain 🇪🇸        ✉️

since Jan. 2023, offering:

A space unlike any other, where entrepreneurship, personal growth, life experiences and community unite.

Our members are actively building their life's work, doing the inner work and being of service to others to create a collaborative and empowering experience for you to excel, push limitations, uncover new perspectives and turn your wildest ideas into reality.

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I didn’t plan on writing a negative review, but I feel it’s necessary to share my experience at Karisma Co-living, which was less than honest. Before heading to Karisma, I reached out to Marc, the tenant, for the address and to ask if I could have packages sent there. No response for two days made me anxious as my travel date neared. Attempts to contact him on Instagram were also ignored. Finally, after emailing him, he replied the following day. This lack of communication caused me stress, though I considered he might be busy. When I arrived at Karisma, it appeared no one knew I was coming. My roommate, who was present, showed me to a room, but it wasn’t the larger one I had booked. He didn’t know about the booking issue. I spoke with Marc, who apologized and promised to resolve it. A few days later, he told me he had double-booked the large room for the last two weeks of my stay and asked what I wanted to do. I stood firm on having the room I reserved, which meant others had to move rooms. I was frustrated that Marc had put me in this position. The first week was rough. A welcome dinner was planned but canceled just 30 minutes before. I dined alone, and there was no attempt to organize another dinner. I tried to connect with the residents, but they showed little interest. Eager to explore Barcelona, I went out often, but my invitations to roommates were always declined. Everyone seemed to do their own thing without including me. With no one to socialize with at Karisma, I joined a pub crawl to guide tourists around the city. I did this several times a week, inviting my roommates, but they never came. They clarified that we were merely cohabitants, not a family, which contradicted the communal vibe suggested by the website. I realized the community aspect was distinct from the co-living setup. I attempted to participate in the community by creating a profile and attending events. The Potluck Breakfast was enjoyable, but meeting people was hard as I only saw them biweekly. The coworking space, not part of my rent, was too far, so I didn’t go. Indeed, the pricey apartments don’t include the coworking space! Things deteriorated when a roommate, employed by Karisma, reacted angrily to a question I asked. He verbally attacked me, and his friend had to intervene. He insulted me and mocked my nationality, making me feel singled out. I thought about discussing this with Marc but sought my friends’ advice first. They were shocked and empathetic upon hearing my story. One friend had a recent unpleasant interaction with Marc, who questioned my mental state and wealth, despite our brief acquaintance. It dawned on me that my perspective wouldn’t be taken seriously as they had already judged me. Consequently, I gave up on forming friendships with my roommates. The atmosphere improved slightly with the arrival of new tenants, but the damage was done. I avoided the apartment as much as possible, feeling downhearted. My roommates likely labeled me as a party-goer since I mostly spent time with pub crawl acquaintances, given their lack of interest in socializing and the difficulty in attending Karisma’s events. I felt unfairly judged. To sum up, Karisma Co-living didn’t live up to its promises. It was just an overpriced apartment lacking a true community. For those seeking communal living, I advise finding a more central and affordable place. Moreover, getting my deposit back took two weeks and multiple requests. The entire experience was regrettable, and I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone.
My experience at Karisma was incredible. During a 2 month stay I made amazing friends, got immersed into a wider community in Barcelona, attended events and really got to know the city below the surface. Marc is an amazing host and the Karisma house is a super chill spot in a great location in Barcelona. Couldn’t recommend it enough and would definitely return myself!
What Marc created in Barcelona is truly magical- the best part of living at karisma are the people & community. I met people that I can confidently say became my heart friends. The neighborhood is cool too, artsy and close to some hiking places which was key for me. I recommend this place to anyone who wants to make some deep connections and likes co-living in a fun and vibrant way!
I highly recommend Karisma Living!! I absolutely loved my stay, it completely changed my experience living in Barcelona! Karisma quickly felt like home, living with such inspiring individuals whom became friends. Marc intentionally curates a group of individuals that are on the path of creating their best lives, ready to encourage each other and grow. This experience showcased truly the importance of how the people you’re living with impact your life. The flat itself is very clean, spacious, well located and has a lovely terrace! Go for it and apply to live at Karisma Living, you will love it.
Marc really made it a super smooth entry for me into the city. The people at the Karisma house are all hard-working, fun & creative people. It was a great environment to explore the city, meet new people on the fly & still work in an ambitious environment on my freelance business. Would definitely recommend to friends & anyone looking for an easy entry into the city while being welcomed in a warm & dope community. 10/10!
Stayed here in January of 2023 while traveling through Barcelona. Was initially drawn to Karisma because of the unique opportunity to build quality relationships with other entrepreneur-type people. The experience beat all my expectations. Highly recommend Karisma for anyone looking for a unique experience while visiting Barcelona!
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