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A tasty cool beer 🍺 at the sunset is the best way to relax after a bicyle ride 🚴 in the valley. Damian and Dario explored around both in nature both in nice tuscan villages. #tertulia #tertuliastories #forestcoworking #ruralcoworking #coliving #smartworking #ruralsmartworking #digitalnomad #creativenomad #remoteworkers #plants #reconnectnature #forest #bosco #tuscany #ruralnomad #countryescape #onlyincoliving
Le piante #bioindicatrici nascono spontaneamente nei terreni coltivati e incolti. Ogni suolo, in base alle proprie caratteristiche, ostacola o favorisce la crescita di determinate specie vegetali. Conoscere queste piante ci aiuta a capire meglio il #suolo che abbiamo davanti. Ed è utile per fare scelte agronomiche più consapevoli. Partecipa a questo corso per scoprire le piante bioindicatrici e le loro caratteristiche! Info e iscrizioni: @tertuliafarm @promonature
We are waiting for a rich 🍒 #cherry harvest this june! Who wants to come and 😋 taste them directly from the tree? #tertulia #tertuliastories #forestcoworking #ruralcoworking #coliving #smartworking #ruralsmartworking #digitalnomad #creativenomad #remoteworkers #plants #reconnectnature #forest #bosco #tuscany #ruralnomad #countryescape #onlyincoliving
In the barn you can also enjoy a 💆 Bowen treatment for your wellbeing, taking benefits after a working day or a phisical activity @homeodynamicbowen #homeodynamicbowen #bowen #theraphy #tertulia #tertuliastories #ruralcoworking #coliving #smartworking #ruralsmartworking #digitalnomad #creativenomad #remoteworkers #workfromanywhere #workhere #tuscany #escapethecity #ruralnomad #countryescape

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· I have had the most amazing experience staying at Tertulia! Apart from the quiet secluded location the amazing views from my window all the way to Vicchio village in the distance. The Tuscan mountains ever changing light and colours show me why so many grate artists have been inspired by this amazing landscape. This combined with warm hospitality with an emphasis on living harmoniously in nature with real organic foods grown on the property and produced in the local area, I left feeling healed and recharged.
· Beautiful place with a lovely family, peaceful energy and funny dinners :)
· Farmhouse with starred chef? ... Water; infinity pool and breakfast in bed? .... Water; fake rustic restaurant with window on the hill and 1000 km food because the animals in the enclosures are there only for beauty? ... More and more liquid water. Good and nutritious garden vegetables grown in permaculture? Fire. Super regenerating place full of energy? ... Fire. Do you want to share an experience with very genuine people? Higher and higher flame. Yes, Tertulia is a magical place that has an almost therapeutic effect on me. I arrive stressed and leave relaxed, I go in as Luigi and I go out as Superman because the climate and the spirit of the place have a mix of components that manage to take the kryptonite off me. Held, conceived and created by Francesco and Giorgia, Tertulia is an indefinable place since it does not belong to any category of offers on the market (farmhouse, restaurant, hotel, camping, widespread hotel) while offering part of the experience of each. Perhaps "laboratory" is the word that best captures the atmosphere that reigns in this segment of Mugello immersed in the chestnut wood. Laboratory in the sense of experimentation, both naturalistic, botanical, and typological and above all relational. Nothing is standard and everything has to be built and each guest feels an integral part of a project that without them would have certainly been different. The host family is very welcoming without being intrusive, the kitchen is shared, the rooms are super clean, special and well-kept. Recently a ping in the shade of the trees enlivens the warm afternoons of children and adults. The sunsets are unforgettable, the intoxicating aromas and flavors of the vegetables from the garden unknown to the Milanese palate. The starry vault is splendid, which is clear and brilliant when night falls. Ideal place to retire in smart working or to have culinary and cultural experiences ... Florence is nearby. If you pass by, give Filú a pat, the best white dog in the world that looks like a stuffed animal. W Tertulia.
· a great place to reconnect with creation and to create
· We stayed in Tertulia for two weeks, passing a magnificent period, made up of fireflies, sunsets, outdoor life, great hospitality and meeting opportunities. Perfect for weeks with the family with children, but also for periods of detachment or remote work immersed in nature. Strongly recommended!

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