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Tomorrow It´s Friday night! And FLC is celebrating with Bansko community! 🎉 Everyone is welcome to join us for a very good throwback party to the 90´s & 2000´s from Spice Girls to Linkin Park, Britney Spears and Sean Paul... We will have it all! And, of course (also very important) we will have drinks! 😜 3Lev/each (vodka, beer, wine...). We have everything, you just need to show up and have fun! And the first one is on us! Price: FREE for Coworkers 5Lev for others (with a FREE Drink)! Location: FLC Coworking Time: 8:30pm
We have started our Bulgarian Lessons. 🇧🇬 So now every Monday at 6:30pm you can join us at Four Leaf Clover Coworking to learn Bulgarian. до понеделник! 🤪
We invite you to come to learn with our amazing tenant @speaktoalice . Wednesday at 6:30pm Alice will present us with a workshop about ´´How To Stop Procrastinating and Get Shiz Done [with your subconscious mind]´´ More details on the event - link in bio (Please confirm your presence).
Good Morning everyone. This next week will be a fully week if very nice moments. Check it out 👇 Monday - Bulgarian Lessons (6:30pm) Tuesday - Yoga Class (6:30pm) Wednesday - Workshop: How To Stop Procrastinating and Get Shiz Done [with your subconscious mind] w/ @speaktoalice (6:30pm) Friday - Throwback Weekend: 90´s Party (8:30pm) Saturday: Throwback Weekend: 2000´s Party (8:30pm) All the events will be at Four Leaf Clover and open to everyone! More info - Link in the bio
from @mey.aroyo Do people ever get tired of this view? 🏔 🇧🇬 #bansko #bulgaria #banskobulgaria #digitalnomad #digitalnomads #digitalnomadlife #digitalnomadgirls #digitalnomadlifestyle #workfromhome #workfromanywhere
from @mey.aroyo WHO CAN GUESS- what’s so special about this morning’s cup of coffee? - the answer in my story @mey.aroyo #bansko #bulgaria #coffee #coffeeaddict #digitalnomad #expatlife
from @mey.aroyo A lot on my mind lately. Good & bad. Feeling connected to nature, while simultaneously disconnected from everything. Energetic one moment, and crashing in the next. Almost a month here in Bansko, Bulgaria... and my body & soul are healing from the past year. (Or 6). My best friend says she never saw me happier, not in Bucharest, not in Bangkok, not ever. I’m putting on a good face, and there are moments I do feel at home... for the first time in many many years. I have escaped the everyday challenges of my passport country, that’s for sure... but the nightmares, the moments of depression & guilt, that overwhelming anxiety - they are all still here with me. Reminding me that some things are for life. Some things cannot be changed. Thing like me. Cause I have not changed here. I’m still the same lost puppy veteran with sad thoughts and a perpetual broken heart.... but this land, it’s people, it’s food, it’s streets, are giving me the strength to face myself - head on. Isn’t that the definition of home ? #homesweethome #bansko #banskobulgaria #bulgaria #digitalnomad #expatlife #ptsd #veteran #thinkingoutloud #anxiety #selfie #deepthoughts #goodandbad #workfromanywhere
from @chrisseesdogs Spring & puppy spam Last spring during lockdown in Bulgaria 🐛 #spring #toad #puppy #mountaindogs #streetdogs #bansko

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· I've stayed in a few places in bansko and this is one of my favorites. The owners are very kind and very responsive to needs. Things to expect at 4 leaf *Great service *Lovely apartments (luxury apartments are the best bang for your buck in my personal opinion) *pool and spa *tons of people to hangout with I feel that the other reviews are not accurate in describing this place at all. Not sure what their expectations were but I guess everyone is different. My place is clean, great internet(high speed and has never cut out once. 5 bars at all times), filled with all basic cooking utensils, and great friends all around. I highly suggest 4 leaf clover ESPECIALLY if this is your first time in bansko. Makes it easier to find things to do! If any problems or needs occur you will quickly and kindly be taken care of. Petia (the owner) is a sweetheart. She always greets you when you come and go and ask if you have everything you need. 5 stars in my book
· I'm so glad I never checked Google past reviews for the Four Leaf Clover in Bansko before I came here.. I would have missed out on amazing things- reading comments that are no longer true. In the past, the FLC was a spa & hotel... It changed a bit. The place transformed into a community of short-term and long-term rentals... Bulgarian, Expats, Digital Nomads, all in one place- in all ages. The apartments : Fully functional- kitchen, bathroom, beds, balconies, PRIVACY. You talk to the owner and tell her what you need in your stay and she'll find an apartment for you. There are studios, "long" studios, and 1 BR apartments. The Community: There's a social club / coworking area, where the restaurant used to be. With events like hiking, art class, going to milk a cow (!!), or just chillin' playing the guitar on a Friday night- changing every week. The Staff: I think many people who "dislike" the stuff don't know much about the Bulgarian culture. Instead of saying "yes" to anything and never acting on it, the Bulgarians (like my grandma) would always be cautious, saying "I will see" or "I will try"- while actively working on getting you what you asked for. The owners of the place are a lovely Bulgarian couple (the woman in the photo with me) that will help you with whatever you need, always with a smile. The Location: "far from center" as far as a place can be from the center of Bansko- which is so small LOL 1Km and you get to anywhere, while still being "at the edge of town" or how I call it- 1st line to amazing nature! I got here a month ago, and as I am making residency in Bansko- I will be staying here for a long long time... and only at the Four Leaf Clover!
· Amazing owners, humans, and events! My only criticism is the location but if you’re not me then you might actually like it! - so make up your own mind by visiting
· Big potencial, but unfortunately the management fails basic things as education.
· Great place to live and work!

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