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Coliving Semkovo 45mins Bansko

Bulgaria 🇧🇬  ·          ✉️

 complex  startup launching  mountains 🏕 isolated 🧙 magical community ⌨️ ergonomic coworking 🚕 pickup 📶 fibre ⌨️ multiple workspaces 🛁 ensuites 🚪 studios 👯 teams 🚶‍♂️ hiking  skiing 🌷 garden 🧮 coownership in a cooperative that operates the massive 6000m2 common spaces; 200 cohousing units most of first 100 units in phase 1 sold; remaining to be released in future; from €20k unfurnished 📈 investment rental pool operation, to be determined

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I'm a proud early backer of Matthias initiative to turn this magnificent abandoned building into something truly unique and amazing. Over 2 years I've observed how much thought and effort was put into creating a community owned co-living. It's an innovative and courageous vision, demanding unseen amounts of patience and perseverance. After visiting the building during the backers summit over a long weekend full of discussions and presentations, it became obvious that if somebody can create a 200 apartment co-owned community and do it fully transparently, without bending any laws, and make it sustainable - it's the one and only, Matthias. Only he can genuinely pull it off while answering all the questions and, actually, encouraging the backers/investors to discuss and vote on all the related aspects of this project. I appreciate that community input is really encouraged and everyone has a meaningful say. The assumptions are constantly challenged and problem solving mentality is nourished. Coliving Semkovo has my trust and today I've bought an apartment in the biggest rural coliving in the world! Excited to be part of the history.
The place is amazing! This is the most beautiful mountain in Bulgaria in my opinion! The location and the building itself are simply incredible!! The guy who organizes all is a very nice and devoted German man who lives in Bulgaria for a long time! Definitely recommended!! Thousands of stars not only 5)
A truly unique and exciting project! What could be more ecologically sound than repurposing and breathing new life into a magnificent yet defunct Soviet-era hotel nestled in the stunning natural beauty of the Rila mountains? 200+ individuals from all over the world and all walks of life are coming together with a shared purpose: to make their dream of a cooperative Digital Nomad community a reality. This is the vision of the Coliving Semkovo community. I'm delighted to be an early backer.
Coliving Semkovo is putting Bulgaria on the map across the globe, and helping to attract high quality talent and expertise to Bulgaria. This is a fantastic, visionary project built on the values of providing social good and improving society through new, innovative ways.
Coliving Semkovo is a remarkable venture that has gained significant attention worldwide and is undoubtedly putting Bulgaria on the map as a hub for attracting top-notch talent and expertise. This visionary project stands out for its commitment to providing social good and revolutionizing society through innovative means. One of the most commendable aspects of Coliving Semkovo is its unwavering dedication to creating a thriving community of individuals who are driven by excellence and have a strong desire to make a positive impact. By bringing together like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, the project fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the development of groundbreaking ideas. The emphasis on social good is truly inspiring. Coliving Semkovo recognizes that true success lies not only in individual achievements but in collective progress. By promoting an environment where residents are encouraged to contribute to the betterment of society, this project is helping to cultivate a generation of change-makers who are passionate about making a lasting difference. In terms of innovation, Coliving Semkovo sets a new standard. The project integrates state-of-the-art technologies, sustainable practices, and modern design to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. The facilities and amenities will be unparalleled, ensuring that residents have everything they need to live comfortably and focus on their respective pursuits. Furthermore, Coliving Semkovo's impact extends beyond its physical space. Through partnerships and collaborations with local organizations, educational institutions, and businesses, the project is actively involved in uplifting the surrounding community. This commitment to creating positive externalities demonstrates a genuine desire to contribute to the growth and prosperity of Bulgaria as a whole. In conclusion, Coliving Semkovo is a truly fantastic project that is putting Bulgaria on the global map in the realm of attracting talent and expertise. Its visionary approach, coupled with its focus on social good and innovation, sets it apart from other initiatives. By fostering a thriving community, promoting collaboration, and contributing to the betterment of society, Coliving Semkovo is making a lasting impact that will continue to shape the future.

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