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Surfbreak HNL

Honolulu in the USA 🇺🇸 and 1 other location        ✉️

since 2021, offering:

🚪‍21 private roomsfrom 1310/month (long-stay) 🥈high ranking,  large coliving, 🏬 town, 🧚 community facilitation, 🤔 work from common spaces, 🏊 pool, 🚶‍♂️ hiking, 🏝 island, 🍃 terrace, 📶 fibre, 🚌 transit, 📝 application1-month deposit 🧺 housekeepingtwice weekly 🏖 beach15mins walk ⌨️ bedroom deskergonomic 🧐 curatedcall for “vibe check” 👫 couplesdual-application, king rooms only, +$250/month supplement 🚲 bikesBiki membership included 🏄 surfingboards included 💬 Wrong details?

A vibrant, inclusive global network of adventurers, remote workers, and mindful travellers united by shared life in our coliving + coworking spaces.

Our 40th floor penthouse with panoramic views, high above Ala-Moana, a stroll from the sand of Waikiki Beach, with a collection of private rooms ranging from twin to king corner suites.

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I have the time of my life here at Surfbreak! Met so many cool people and we become such close friends! The community is the best part, I love exploring the island, go hiking, swimming, surfing with everyone! This is the chapter of my life that I will never forget ♥️
I can’t even begin to describe how amazing my almost 5 month stay at Surfbreak was…. I met friends for life and I am so grateful for the community Surfbreak provides! Not only is the space super comfortable and easy to work in, but the location is amazing, it’s super easy to meet people, and there is always someone up for an adventure. If you are thinking about booking…. Do it already, you won’t regret it!
The SurfBreak has unlocked Pandora’s Box to unimaginable experiences and unforgettable memories. The people are warm, welcoming, and best of all-adventurous! The saying “Not all that wander are lost” speaks volumes here. My favorite things about the people at SB were all the cultural dinners in our kitchen, the group excursions, and of course-island hopping. What a way to feel welcome on the island. 🏝️ The co-living environment was new for me. I’d 100% go back again! The organized cleaners and daily complimentary items were great. A variety of private bathrooms made the co-living better. I loved the view as well! Location was prime for walking/biking to the beaches and food trucks/store. Looking forward to my future stays. 🌺
I had zero expectations coming to SurfBreak but ended up leaving the place with amazing memories, life long friends and personal growth and fulfilment. My first coliving experience and for sure not my last. The two month minimum stay really encouraged to build friendships, a daily routine and explore all that Hawaii has to offer. The coliving space was set up really well so you got your own personal space in order to work during the day. But at the same time the common areas were perfect to get to know your roommates, make spontaneous after work plans, weekend activities or trips to the other islands. My best memories come from the Big Island trip, road trips to North Shore, Kailua, learning to surf and most of all the kitchen conversations with everyone. And last but not least thank you to Daniella for always taking care of us. I highly recommend everyone to experience SurfBreak at least once in a lifetime. Hawaii is now my home away from home and I know I will be back real soon. Aloha & Mahalo!
Being at Surfbreak was the best decision I made. If you want to meet new people and have a new family, this is your place. You’ll have plenty of plans around the island and everything it’s really close because the location it’s perfect! I went alone and I really recomend to do “solo trips” in a coliving like Surfbreak. Daniela is always taking care of all of us and if you need something she will be always there for you. I already miss SB and the amazing view from the living room, thank you for the best experience of my life!!💛
My favorite co-living experience so far. I stayed for 2 months in 2023 and was immediately thinking I should have stayed longer. Hoping to go back for a longer time next year. An amazing all around experience from the quality people and friends I’ve met to the day to day experiences and activities I was doing. ~26 rooms I think, so always a lot of people around but if you need privacy the rooms are relatively sound proof for working and taking calls. Great views from the 40th floor. Full kitchen for cooking needs, 6 bathrooms and you’ll be able to get a bathroom no problem at about all hours. Perfect location in walking distance to the beaches, easy drive to great hiking trails, close to all the important things in Honolulu.
I literally had the best summer of my life in Oahu and I stayed for 2 months at Surfbreak. It made my trip incredible and I made a ton of really good friends that I'll keep forever. It was a great way to explore Oahu as there was always someone up for doing something and we became quite a tight bunch. Co-living is a great way to live if you are a remote worker, on holiday but want to actually get involved in what really goes on in Oahu rather than the touristy stuff, or just want to be more social than a hotel or airbnb. I can't recommend it highly enough.
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