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Ruralco near Valencia

in Spain 🇪🇸      ✉️


For professionals looking to collaborate, learn, and grow with others—join a friendly community where work and life come together, surrounded by people from all over the world.

Located in beautiful nature and close to the Mediterranean coast, Ruralco is the perfect place to unwind and focus on your projects. Escape from stress and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

With remote work becoming more popular, many people are leaving big cities for quieter places like Ruralco. Our community includes digital nomads, entrepreneurs, backpackers, and nature lovers.

Try the amazing Ruralco experience and start your new adventure in our coliving paradise in Spain!

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This place was quite transformational for me. It's like rehab for the frenzied nomad. The secluded location, relaxed vibe, and accepting social space makes for a replenishing getaway. As a digital nomad it is a great place to get work done and focus, free of distractions with great internet. Outside of work hours there is plenty to do, hiking, cooking, pottery, and other crafts. The co-living aspect was really fun. Intriguing characters from all around the world, sharing space, food and stories. The location is remote and historical. It feels special to spend time in a unique place like Rural Co. Oscar the manager is such an accommodating and accepting person. You can really feel the love he has poured into curating the place.
Wonderful place for digital nomads, the perfect balance between working and enjoying life in the nature. Full of activities if you are motivated or relax moments with good people
This was my first coliving and this place blew my expectations away! The community was very respectful and kind, the host is very amicable, friendly, and goes out of his way to ensure you are doing well and having fun. The accommodation was minimal but comfortable. The coworking space is spacious and a good place to concentrate. But I had to take video calls in my room since there wasn't a dedicated phone booth/room for taking video calls. The Internet was very fast most of the time (150 mbps up & down), though very occasionally the Internet will disconnect. Nonetheless, the Internet was very consistent while I stayed there. Overall, if you're looking for a very peaceful, tranquil countryside coliving space that has a community that organizes regular activities and cool people to meet, I highly recommend this place.
I had an amazing time there! Feeling at home in less than a week, able to be productive and meet amazing people. Oscar knows how to make you feel welcome and he makes the best paella ever!
Our stay at Ruralco has been incredible! Firstly the location is breathtaking. It’s the ideal place to disconnect and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Also, Oscar, the host, was an absolute sweetheart! We did lots of cool activities together and shared many great meals! On top of that, it was great to work. The Wifi was working perfectly and we were super comfortable. We were supposed to stay one week but we ended up leaving after 3 weeks with a heavy heart.
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